Surely what is wrong with this government. This is a worse group than even Moi and his cohorts.

They have karumanzira, they will be fine.

Watching live on ktn- NEW.

Aren’t they normal citizens like me?
Punda ametanda
Mawingu yamechoka

Sio juzi tulionyeshwa body guards wake sijui 15?

That is animal abuse. Wacha watu wa donkey rights wampate.

Watu wako CBD Mass Action is going down at Anniversary Towers and in Kisumu,watch your step,leo ni leo


They have enough from pay bill to hire more, don’ stress:D:D:D:D

Wacha nipatwe:D

Are you in the mass action?

Are you among them ama wewe ni keyboard warrior?

Niko buh kwa chopper overhead. Majeshi ya angani

huezi kua unasumbua watu na bado upewe security

Punda amechoka.
One old man cannot disturb us forever. They should have withdrawn his security a long time ago.

Those guarding Odinga and cohorts are not special police officers. They are under the command of the IG, and can be deployed even to Boni Forest. Next rant please.

He has Men in Black at his disposal. Police bodyguards shouldn’t be pitted against their own when those they guard engage in unlawful activities. That’s common sense.

Punda Amekuwa Famous Na Hajui

Kamata like my dear… :D:D:D Thats a nice rebuttal.

Yenyewe karumanzira atawasort.

pale twirra smh

It is why we have police, fagia bila huruma. We need order, and no eLections.