Which Radio is worthy listening to nowadays???
cz mimi naona zote zimekua tu takataka tu ati patanisho nonsense!!!..
I used to listen to Caroline mutoko na nyambane na pia there was a show nilikua die hard fan i even used to call bana… it was called THE HOME RUN(EASY FM) ILIKUA YA CUPID, BRIAN AND OBINA NA ILIKUA FAYA!!! Who else used to be a fan??

i also love cess mutungi but who doesnt??

who listens to kenyan radio in this day and age you fool?

Cess is triple distilled nonsense.

Apana tambua Kenyan bullcrap[ATTACH=full]133352[/ATTACH]

Who Listens to radio…they practically doing vids for their interviews cuz no one listens to em …but anyways check this out …

Kung fu Kenny brought hiphop back

I told y’all we need j.Santana back yiiiiiii

Hot 97
Power 105

Kiss FM, Tz.
KBC General Service (Sundowner).

I listen to capiro fm while in traffic. Otherwise I don’t listen to radio or watch TV.

wewe inakaa ndio ulimaliza shule tu juzi but usijali utagrow tu

am listening to this saa hizi


I bet hakuna mtu unajua hata mmoja hapo

The like is just for KBC Sundowner.

The Home Run on Easy FM is my favourite radio show ever. Those 3 guys and music was always on point.

Redman N Methodman B the illest

Did you ever experience their breakfast show with Múnene, Ted and Ngatia? Hiyo ilikuwa tops vibaya sana.

Mbusi na Lion Teke Teke!!

:D:D:D Nyahunyo nyahu nyahu! :smiley:

No. My earliest memory ya Nation/Easy FM breakfast show ni Ciku Muiruri akileta busted.

Im sure most talkers hapa walikuwa ocha ama class 1, but there was a show called Capital Hotmix that was hosted by Jimmy gathu on Friday from 9pm in the years 1998 to around 2002.

Wueh, acha tu! That guy is a legend.

Rick Dees and weekly top 40 was also dope

When they began they had a breakfast show hosted by Múnene Nyaga, Ted and Ngatia which was way better than even Nyambane’s on Kiss 100. From 10am to 2pm they had a very educational show hosted by Bernard Otieno (the sportscaster). Then Maina Kageni used to host their drive show, often with KJ. Then NMG hired Fernandes and it was downhill from there.

1998 - 2002 :eek::eek: fosil orangutuman detected