Radio maisha

Sio kwa ubaya but hii radio station ni ya waluhya…they rarely listen to other FM station …I gave a lift to a luhya guy from karatina but just before we start our journey akanirequest…aki si uniekeko ratio maisha…

…and the discussion around saa nne asubuhi is just shiet…plus no content expect people wasting their money calling and discussing politics or greeting sijui who and will mostly talk of football…even coast based stations…nothing intellectual…just football football football. Football fanatism is just bad.

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Some people dismiss vernacular stations but I think they’re great. They preserve our heritage. Most of my friends can’t speak their mother tongue properly. My Kikuyu is not as good as I’d like it to be thanks to growing up in Nairobi. But I’m working on it


Why are you a newborn villager?

Wewe @ol monk you can change your status anyhow but I have been a Villager since immemorial. If @FieldMarshal CouchP is an Elder, what if??

Praise the Lord Brother.

If you are for real, then welcome to the kingdom. And I pray that the good Lord sustains you in your new life.

Stay blessed.


sema tu umefutwa