Radicalisation is real

Sunday 17th May
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This morning (Monday 18th)

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Yaani these 2 girls left their families to go to Syria. And their families had no idea. so sad seeing their families appealing on TV halafu they discover watoto wako Syria. That hotbed of muslim radicalisation. hope they will not send those bloodthirsty mujahideen our way.

sasa hii ni umafi gani… tsk!..

everybody is rushing for money in dangerous areas

Huyo dark skini si ni mrembo yawa

hawa ata labda hawakuenda because of money. there are plenty of safer areas in the UAE and middle east

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damn too sad

you miss the point its not money its something far more dangerous than that i.e. the mind, kwanza the family should also share the blame every evening at the family table they must have been speaking how the whole world is against muslims and how the religion is under threat from non existent forces; this coupled by their madrassa teachings would make them think their parents would be proud of them for fighting for Islam in of all places Syria. So wipe out the crocodile tears maam


waa. inanikumbusha ‘mtoto akililia wembe mpe panga’

many kenyan youths who go to middle east in the name of jobs are actually joining ISIS and the govt is aware.

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On Saturday night the BBC run a one-hour documentary on three British girls who had gone to Syria to join ISIS. What struck me is that all the girls were about 16-20 years, really young. I think their running to ISIS has something to do with teenage rebellion but the tragedy is that the girls dont understand that they are walking into the shadow of death. No way ISIS is gonna win against Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Iran and the West. Many of these girls are gonna die in airstrikes and rot in unmarked graves. Kenyan parents should do more to educate their children about the futility of senseless jihad, and also give their teens the freedoms to be teens coz some are simply running away from domestic tyranny. Better to allow your daughter to drink and vsit clubs than to lose her to ISIS.


you nailed it sir

There was also a documentary that showed ISIS using attractive young muslim fighters to infiltrate dating sites and chat up the teenage lasses. They also produce you tube videos that make it appear as if they live like rock stars (The Irony) to attract these naive girls


enyewe that font looks suspicious. hope its not someone playing a sick nasty joke

maybe also the fighters(mujahideen) are lured by the ISIS leaders with the promise of DFing beautiful girls. (the 72 virgins right here on earth sio mambo ya baadae in heaven. to avoid hekaya claims)

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When will these stupid muslim parents realise that its not society’s job to look after their kids. And when their kids get arrested or shot by Atpu they start complaining through Muhuri and other stupid organisations.


Remind of of a story some few months of some us teen who met a man online n fell in love with him. The man managed to convince her to go to Syria and fight with alongside Isis fighters. She took some short paramilitary and first aid training. Informed her family who reported her pronto to the authorities. The govt tried to convince her not to lakini akakaa ngumu. She was jailed for four years. These ISIS guys are even using social media to recruit. Sasa dem anakubali kuenda Syria of all the places na ako na tv kwake anona kwa news shit is real huko. Halafu her famo did well to report her. Hap kenya maybe some families wanajua lakini wamenyamaza halafu when the kiddos go ahead n join the radicals ndipo wanaanza kulilia sirkal



Hii dini sio mchezo wanawake warembo hivi wanajitolea kuwa malaya wa bure…they think they will marry some tough ass fighters kumbe wakifika kazi ni kupikia kila mtu na kupea kila mtu kuma by force wapende wasipende and theres no way back


yep. same as those who cavort with questionable characters (naija brodas) and cry when they are nabbed for trafficking hard drugs in foreign lands

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teen naivety at its worst

the ultimate darwin awards, if you are this stupid air raids will help get rid of your lineage, apan taka watoto wajinga namna hii