Radiator fan

Villagers I have an issue with my radiator fan. When the car idles for a long time it does not turn on and run. I suspect the same happens when I am moving around with the car. The fan works when I turn the AC so the it hasnt burnt out. Any ideas on the cause of this malfunction? Vehicle is the old toyota ist

Does the engine overheat?
Some come with a switch, whereby (in lay man’s language) if the engine hasn’t reached a ceryain temperature the fan doesn’t turn on, but ikifika temp flani, the it is switched on. If the fan was not working when you’re driving around ingekua isha choma gasket.

1.Kuna kitu pale chini ya radiator called “fan sensor”.its supposed to kick in when the temperatures are above a certain temp. You need to replace that

  1. Angalia kitu inaitwa “thermostat”. Inaweza kuwa jammed meaning it cannot close and stays open throughout. There is no way you can will reach optimum temperature if the thermostat is stuck open .

  2. Angalia “relay”. Relay is like switchboard ya gari where all small fuses are located on a specific motherboard . If you have a Toyota the relay could be green fat fuse

4 radiator inaweza kuwa imechapa. But this is the last option .I wouldn’t worry too much about it .

  1. lastly is your car overheating? Jibu hii then I’ll tell you the problem?

thank you for the great feedback and yes on number 5 I suspect it since is ilishow the red icon today for the first time.

it did for the first time


You are going to damage that car driving it.

I actually stopped until I have the issue sorted.

I think @Abba na @Mboch Kiburi wameshakujibu

Pelekea mechanic and dont let them lie to you to be something different. So if its overheating it either means:

  1. Thermostat is shut closed or
  2. The fan switch is blown and need replacement or
  3. The relay could be having issues .
  4. By the way make sure the upper radiator horse pipe and the lower radiator pipe are not old and worn out.
  5. Radiator cap could be another one .
    Any water pressure leaking out could be a potential source ya overheating
  6. You need a good mechanic to do diagnostic test . Hapa ni opinion tutakupa tu but actual work take it to trust worthy mechanic. If we weren’t anonymous I would have fixed it for you for gorogoro moja ya busaa …

Am really impressed…wewe sio wale wa kupigia huzzy na kusema “the nini is not niniiiing” :smiley:

:smiley: I am a hands on person. Sipendi kusumbuliwa na vitu ndongo ndogo. Mimi ningekua nimeifunguanisha already. Did some small stints in grogon in my scavenging days…

vile Mpenda Omena amesema hapo juu. pia usikubali kawaya afanye “direct” connection where the fan runs as long as the engine is switched on

What did you edit… you tagged me and edited shokajembe wewe :D:D

Just disconnect the fan sensor. It will automatically be running at all times. That’s what I did with mine

ulipeleka kwa mzee wa kawaya :smiley: it makes the engine work at low temperature most of the time and reduces its life time

Update … number 1 was the problem
Thank you so much for the input


Kush tactics…