[SIZE=6]AMD Vs NVIDIA geforce is my thingi…sahii EVGA imefika GTX-900 series…natafuta pesa ya hii mnyama[ATTACH=full]6419[/ATTACH]

its worth 900usd[/SIZE]

ukipata utuambie

yep…na haiko mtaani sa sijui ikifika mtaa itauzwa pesa ngapi

si uchukue titan x

TITAN X ni 999usd…wacha kwanza niendelee na hii GTX 980 ya 500usd nikichoka nayo nita buy iyo ya 900usd

kwani mko league ya 4k?

nimecheki titan olx., da faaq? this is cwaizy, check this pic of this guy selling it on OLX


Wacha niulize swali. Does computer specs affect the model (NVIDIA or Radeon) and type of graphics card that one can install on it?
Say dude A has a core i3 2.3ghz 4gb ram and dude B has core i7 3ghz 4gb ram

Nyi watu bana.
142,000 inaweza ninunulia land karibu acre 2 hivi.

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core i7 itaperform better buda…ina process smoothly na faster kuliko corei5…unaeza check Pc system requirements for game kama gta 5 kwa net

hii ni TITAN bila X but its a monster worth more than X box 360, X box one and PS4 consoles combined

142,000 just for a graphics card? fuck that

Ignorance galore… Guys yall need some education and enlightenment on gaming hardware… SMfH…


depends on what you doin with it, apart from gaming and shit

Education as promised i have been away kidogo.

No and Yes. The issue will be bottle necks. the main purpose of a graphics card is video rendering in games and if you are a gaming person it should be the most expensive thing in your rig. This daent mean you bottle neck your card with the CPU and Ram available in your machine. Most Games that are in the market now rarely utilize the CPU core power apart from one i have played Watchdogs. This means that your gaming experience will not be affected at all with the kind of RAM or CPU in your machine but the storage affects i.e a mechanical drive vs an SSD or a M.2 drive.

To the GTX TitanX issue. Buying this card is just for bragging right nothing more. It daent outperform GTX 980ti to warrant its cost to performance ratio and then again if you need 12gigs of ram for video rendering you are better suited with a Quadro rather than a geforce. If you play games at 1080p GTX 960 is the card for you, for 1440p GTX 970 is the card for the biz, at 4k GTX 980ti will out perform all cards in the same environment apart from Titan X which has a difference of 2% which is in the margin of error.

for more infor check out this link.


there is a listing i did back in Klist on comparison btwn Nvidia and Radeon.

Now that’s what I call detailed enlightenment. Asande Sana.
Meanwhile I still have a question. Can I go for GTX 950ti for my Lenovo H520 (i3, 2.2ghz, 4gb RAM) desktop? Am not an avid-insane gamer…

My opinion, since you aren’t that avid of a gamer - just upgrade your hard disk to an SSD, if it isn’t one already. Feel the difference, thank me later.