A racist man was caught on camera hurling racist abuse towards Kenyan comedian #DavidTheStudent who is a lyft driver in the US when he asked him to ‘put his mask back on’.
The man was filmed calling David The Student the N-word and threatening to ‘p*** in his car’ when David The Student pulled over as the man wasn’t wearing a face covering.
Not long after the video went viral on social media, Lyft issued a statement saying that the racist passenger was permanently banned from the service. The man was also fired from his job and he is no longer allowed in the bar

There’s never any context to these videos…

Nashangaa mbona whites pekee ndio hushikwa kwa hizi recordings

David the student is a conman. Ni clout anatafuta. He is trying to stay relevant. Mtu meffi Sana.

ashaeka account anachangiwa pesa target ni 2000 dollars:D:D:D

Huyo jamaa arudi Tu Kenya American dream imemshinda.

Lay low like an envelope ukiwa kwa wenyewe

Kama ukiwa hapa Wajir akina Bingwa scrotums wanakuita nywele ngumu na kukwambia urudi kwenu, mbona huyu jamaa anapayuka ATI ameitwa nigga?

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racism is a part of jungu american culture, then why are these africans not going to other african countries instead of going to western countries and demanding they change their way of life? These africans are exactly like muslims who go to christian countries.