Racist tube rider in London gets knocked out by a black man

He got what he deserved…[ATTACH=full]342430[/ATTACH]


Blew his fucking lights out!:D:D

He got what he signed up for. Good for him!

But I didn’t hear anything racist being mentioned…hmm

Hmmm, you are my pets, go back

That’s not exactly racist, could even be somehow endearing because many whites value pets over people. Perhaps if he had called them monkeys sure I would agree that’s indeed racist. People are so overly sensitive nowadays to the point of enacting grievous assault over nothing really. Couldn’t they see that he was inebriated and let the man be. Leftists need to chill out, that anger can’t be healthy.

[SIZE=7]black people are tired…[/SIZE][SIZE=4](drawings by real witnesses)[ATTACH=full]342609[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]342612[/ATTACH] eyewitnesses)[/SIZE][SIZE=7][ATTACH=full]342605[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]342606[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]342607[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]342608[/ATTACH][/SIZE]


Sad to see this. Most European societies depend on migrant labour.

Billy Steel used the words boy and black and other tubers tried to admonish him. That said, the act of violence will be viewed by others who will seek to revenge.

Violence is not the solution.

Dont justify racism. My God. Why are you so defensive towards the White man? Did you go to America and forgot you are black?? That person kept referring to the black people in the tube as his little pets. If you cant really point out racism when you see it then am sorry. You have self hate.

Violence may not be the solution but it gets things done. Thats the only solution some people will understand.

The bigger question should be why blacks are looked down upon. The day we deal with that we will be better off. Violence wont work. In any case if violence could work we would never have been colonised?

Dont we also call whites pigs? :):slight_smile:

Well, you may consider yourself a pet but most human beings don’t !
That stupid mzungu got what he deserved

She is a good nigger lady let her be.

When I first moved to Salt Lake City as a 9 year old in the late 90s, receptionists, firemen and mental health nurses would call me shitskin. Mi nikawajibisha cumskin na wakakoma