Racist Rant In Uganda...

I was going through Couch Waru’s thread https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/this-is-guka-end-of-an-error.85052/ then later saw this on FB. It made my blood boil, siwezi itwa nigger in my own country, naweza weka kiatu yangu size 13 kwa mokundu ya mutu.



Huyu couch waru wa Scotland amekunywa nini… I need one too.

Hiyo ni unacceptable. In other news, M7 has just confirmed that he a pair of what Dr.Stella called him.

@mayekeke ,leta cilp ya d/ prime minister akijaribu Uhuru challenge na mpira Uganda.


Kaliech kama Awiti…


Was wondering ni mimi pekee nimeona .

Shida ya mwafrika, he had to save his job

This is totally unacceptable. For a start, Kenyan authorities should get this racist’s passport number and ban him from Kenya.

And Ugandans should have deported him like yesterday. And why they such cowards in the first place? They should have beaten his ass into a pulp and thrown him out of the hotel!

Deporting such a matapaka is too easy.First tupa yeye ndani kidogo wadau watoe the big J out of him…then deport.

Yes deporting him is too easy, afikishwe Kariobangi saa hii aonyeshwe which direction the airport is and they leave him there.

Once he threw the first punch, that guy should have decked him. Self defense. Case closed.

Mbona Waafrika huogopa Wazungu hivi?

Negros need to be flogged to learn a lesson.

crackers crackin…Ugandans are pussies. Bobby Wine anafinywa kende wakiangalia na ni hao anatetea. Useless piece of shiet niggeraguans. Mzungu kama huyu nampangia natural disaster later. Lakini hapa lazima things go physical first. Natural disaster later. Anakutwa ki-matheri pale junction ya Uthiru. Chieth cracka.

Knowing very well this thing is being recorded, mimi naweza wacha anipige ako kangumi kake feeble, nijiangushe chini halafu niamke nimchape kofi moja kali sana kama ya OCS. Ataamkia kwa ndege akirudi Ireland akiwa na kinyasa na sleepers…

As much as it upsets you this is the natural interaction between the races

Guy is drunk or high or both. Francis should have just floored him. It’s recorded. Self defense. No use for involving the system.


Wah! The guy thinks he is Jesus but curses worse than Satan. Apelekwe Luzira akawahubirie wasiojali. He’ll come out singing soprano.

Childish bully at 70 yrs old. Deep seated issues in this mzae.