Racist Israelis On Facebook Cheer The Death Of African Refugees Deported By Israel...

Racist Israelis on Facebook cheer the death of asylum-seekers who were coerced to leave Israel by threat of prolonged detention. Three asylum-seekers who left Israel to Uganda and Rwanda and then made their way to Libya have been executed by ISIS, according to the refugees’ families and friends in Israel.

Some Israelis on Facebook rejoiced at the news.

[I]Etzion Shchori: Good news. Now we understand how to deal with the problem, bring here ISIS and they will take of the Eritreans and Palestinians

Amit Zohar: I would send all the Sudanese including Eritreans to ISIS now even in some deal with ISIS

Amit Sabag: I don’t understand why all of you are mad ISIS just euthanized them they would have died of AIDS anyway at some point

Moshe Vinokor: The infiltrators are a cancer [echoing the statement made by Israeli member of Knesset, Miri Regev] with a smell of sewage.

Aviv Elfassi: LOLLLLL they deserved it

Eti Salem: let them kill all of them, this is not a problem of Israel

Max Esterkin: Either way most of the Eritreans in this country are rapists or criminals [echoing statements made former Israeli Minister of Interior, Eli Yishai, and several other Israeli politicians] this is not a big loss.

Barel Cohen: One less is better

Batel Abarjil – If ISIS wants we can send them a lot more we have so many of these work migrants [echoing lies by the Israeli government, including the Prime Minister, that people escaping genocide, ethnic cleansing and slavery in Sudan and Eritrea are not refugees] except hurting our economy and drinking alcohol and running wild and taking over Neve Shaanan [neighrhood in south Tel Aviv where many asylum-seekers reside] they don’t contribute anything. I want to be a migrant in the US too. We just can’t [keep them here] we kick them out to their fucked mother

Mor Hajaj: Let ISIS come take all the Eritreans left in Israel …
They have nothing to do with Israel …They should hang them too .
We should have a law here that allows to massacre infiltrators :slight_smile:

Avi Swisa: It’s good, it’s ISIS

Revital Bar-El: Now there’s a real solution to the infiltrators.

Naor Elmalich: Disgusting and ugly leftists when the Jewssss are killed and their blood is spilled like water you don’t jump and protest like this. You should be returned to Poland and Germany you deserve to be burned and slaughtered just like ISIS slaughters people, This is how you should be deal with enemies of Israelll

Shosh Bashiri: Let them all die Amen!!Our pain over our soldiers is great, no forgiveness.

Leroy Kaufman: To all the Capo children of Holocaust survivors miserable whores may your names be erased [addresses Leftists] Europe doesn’t interest anyone [how asylum-seekers are treated better there] Hitler didn’t finish the job you are the cancer of the world anddddd Israel didn’t transfer the infiltrators to Libya, they just went to Europe to make the lives of Europeans because in Israel they are border criminals, another lie of the Capo [that they’re refugees].

Micha Avitan: Let us hope for more [death], may their names and memory be erased

Rachel Levi: You can mark a thousand more with a circle they all look the same.

Michael Goman: It’s a shame [ISIS] doesn’t catch them before they reach Israel[/I]

Boss umekuwa in this village long enough to know that lazima u include some form of reference like link or video to authenticate the story posted.


I don’t have any love for Sudanese.tumepigana nao mtaa siku mingi kwa bar.they are an arrogant and aloof lot lakini I wouldn’t wish them death just cause they’re foreigners

Wewe ni wa nyayo

Mimi ni wa thika road hivi hivi

I hate ignorant Jews with a passion.

And when one Israeli is killed you’ll find ignorant Africans rushing to post messages of “solidarity with Israel.”

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israel deported them but MUSLIMS killed them

hate that, while in High school I used to genuinely think that the palestinians are the problem, however years later and several documentaries and readings later, I think they are the aggrieved party


I used to genuinely think that the palestinians are the problem, however years later and several documentaries and readings later, I think they are the aggrieved,
this is excatly how alshabab sympathiser think

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Valid point. @mayekeke can you counter this?

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Kill all ze Jews.

This coming hot on the heels of the other scandal about Israeli police attacking an IDF officer of Ethiopian descent. Please note that they can clearly see that the soldier is in uniform…so imagine nyeuthi ya kawaida ka wewe utafanyiwa nini.


Interesting ‘facebook post’ where only English is spoken.

Shit man!

These Ashkenazi bastards have caused a lot of misery in the world. They are not even real Jews and their greed has made the world a worse place. They control the western media, governments and financial systems and they are racist to the core. I am usually amazed at how Christians like spreading the ‘Israel is the chosen nation’ myth in their sermons.

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u must have stayed where i stay …#kapsoya

Why were/are the Sudanese hated that much?

Most of the Sudanese that you see in urban areas are children of middle-to-higher class families back home (the poor ones are wallowing in Kakuma). As such, they have a certain sense of entitlement - they don’t want to queue, they don’t want to mingle, they want to DF our girls but they really take issue when you DF their skinny bi+ches, they are loud, and worst of all - violent. They consider themselves bold, strong and fearless - yet these sissies have never even stepped outside of Kenya’s borders (maybe when they were young).

Not all of them are that bad; but a good number of them sadly exhibit those characteristics. Enough to foment a stereotype.