Racist Comment Tops in a YouTube News Video

Here’s the video. Check the first comment.


And these are the guys we’re running to begging them to build is affordable housing enclosures.

Most Youtube comments are racist as fuck. Hata ukireport haitatolewa. Kwanza ebu go see comments where a Black actor/musician has an interview. The comments are usually horrible. Kina Ellen Degeneres huwa wanalock comments/disable them. I noticed for every video with locked comments, it has to be an interview with a black person. . White and Asian people hate black people so hard!

Imagine if Gorilla’s had the same or better intelligence than that of humans. We would all have been slaves. The compassionate Gorilla’s wil have formed an organisation called GETA (Gorilla’s for the ethical treatment of animals)

This jungus used to put us in zoos and then charge people to come and watch us. Insane amazement all this.

Let them talk.

Kitu mbaya ni mwenye atakuja akupoint

Whining about bigots is hopeless. The best medicine is a witty riposte, and Youtube is just as tolerant of sharp responses as of the blunt comments.


Clearly hauonagi livestreams on you tube

Live leak ndo bigots wamejaa.