Racism In South Africa 2017



Two white men have been convicted of attempted murder after they forced a black South African farmworker into a coffin, which they then threatened to set alight. The two accused, Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson, had argued that they only intended to scare Mlotshwa, claiming he had threatened their families and committed theft.

Mphahlele said Mlotshwa had testified that he was hitchhiking on a road when he was pursued by the men and forced to get into one of their vehicles. When he refused to cooperate, he was assaulted, Mlotshwa said.
The men drove him to a secluded spot where they ordered him to climb into a coffin in a deep ditch. He was warned that if he tried to run away, they would shoot him.

Mlotshwa said he was beaten when he tried to resist climbing into the coffin, so eventually cooperated. He then heard one of the accused say they must pour petrol into the coffin. At that stage he was in severe pain, shivering and pleading with accused to spare his life.

He thought they were going to kill him, he said. He became very scared when he noticed the men had petrol. “At one stage, Mlotshwa was even asked if he wanted to die fast or slowly,” said the judge.
He eventually realized that no-one was forcing him back into the coffin, scrambled out and ran away as fast as he could. He said he suffered injuries to his face, shoulder, back, arm and leg but did not seek medical attention. He has a visible scar on his left leg as a result of his injuries, the court heard.

[SIZE=4]Defendants denied wrongdoing[/SIZE]
Recounting the defendants’ testimony, the judge said Oosthuizen claimed that after they stopped him, Mlotshwa had been arrogant and was threatening to damage their crops and kill their wives and children. He had been carrying a black bag, which Jackson said contained copper cables.

Oosthuizen testified that they never intended to kill Mlotshwa, and only wanted to scare him off and “deter him from carrying out his earlier threats,” the judge recounted.
Oosthuizen claimed they told Mlotshwa to get out of the coffin at the end of the incident and that Mlotshwa was able to walk free.

Jackson’s testimony, as recounted by the judge, supported that of Oosthuizen.
They took videos and a photo so that Mlotshwa could not later accuse them of assaulting him and to show that he admitted stealing the cable, Jackson said. The whole incident took 10 to 15 minutes and Mlotshwa was in the coffin no longer than 5 minutes, he said.

In October, his employer instructed him to get rid of the coffin because they would get in trouble for it, so he burned it, Jackson said.

Neither defendant considered their actions to be wrong. Jackson said his wife had ordered him to delete the video from his cellphone because she didn’t want their children to see it.


I once browsed through the South African Subreddit www.reddit.com/r/SouthAfrica

Hao wasee wako divided ile serious hadi wako ligi na Kenya.

The whites there feel unwelcome even though they have lived there for 350 years. They want to run. They feel like the president is going to pull a Zimbabwe on them.

Then there is the racist white mfs who think because they colonised that part of Africa, they have every right to behave as if blacks ain’t people. Kwanza kuna wajinga wa r/DonaldTrump walikuwa wanasema ati wata-fundraise for whites in South Africa to be armed like back in the Arpatheid times so that they can kill the ‘stupid Africans’ and rule them again.

There is those whites who justify their racism their wakisema:

‘Society was better during Arpatheid times’

‘If they leave, the Africans will Die out of hunger like Zimbabwe’

‘SA was once a first world country during the Arpatheid because Africans lived in Concentration camps. They even had nuclear weapons. Then independence happened and they are now a 3rd world country.’

The black Africans there are also very Xenophobic na wanataka wazungu walitoka Europe 400 years ago warudi kwao!? In their defense, they still feel discriminated.

I’m supposed to feel sorry for the same South Africans who regularly hunt down and kill “makwerekwere”? Hahaha, I’ll sit this one out.


but it’s true, ANC rule has run down the country and si ati they made life better for Africans. Kenya will overtake them in the next 30 or so years imo.
Imagine being in an economy that is mature but you live in Pipeline (hihihi). Kenya unaezafungua ata duka, RSA huwezi kwasababu industry ka zote are mature.
That country got complacent because they had everything to industrialize. They had white money and knowledge plus African cheap labor and all they got into was a Middle income trap of sorts. We should be using South Africa brand electronics in Africa. Let’s hope Kenya is not headed this way because it seemingly looks like it.

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Wewe ukishika mwizi Kenya you’d do the same. Some times it’s unfortunate saa zingine ni tafash race or gender ikiingilia kati. Hapo ingekuwa mwanamke ingekuwa sexual assault ama rape.

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The two accused whites ni wajinga sana, they filmed themselves torturing a black man and posted the video on social media. Even if the black man was a real thief and they were only having fan, with SA`s history of apartheid and the current situation between blacks and whites, shit was bound to hit the fan.

They are quite similar to the Githurai makangas who were given life sentences.

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Naomba sana Malema apate hii kiti those boars wataheshimu waafrika

Malema kushinda ni ngumu, there are some blacks who don’t like him.

He would be dead before he ever took the reins of power. Malema is widely disliked by most Africans ,all Whites, Coloureds and Asians. It can never happen.

Alifichua card bila mpango…angeshika power kwanza design ya Magufuli

Magufuli does not match up to Turkey’s Edrogan.
2002: AKP states that it will respect Turkey’s Secularism,not interfere with Turks daily lives
2010:Edrogan imposes more taxes on alcohol, bears on TVs creating ‘immoral’ content. Techings on Evolution removed from school curricullum
2012:He declares he wants to raise a ‘pious’ generation of Turks
2017:Referendum adds him more power.

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Of course! Edogan is a snake.

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