Racism In Israel

We have often heard that Israel is one of the most hateful countries towards Black people on planet earth. Evidence of this is slowly leaking out.


Israeli is the best country, most developed, most powefull, with the chosen people, the most hated country in the world Toa umefi hapa


Worked for some Jews in Kenya some time back ! it’s true this chaps think ur shit, Remember I was with them when the Paradise hotel in kikambala was bombed killing 15 people , this jews were like fuck the dead Kenyans how many jews died didn’t give a fuck I was there ! This were just a few of the overt racism I observed.

@Mangele tulisema watu wakule kwao.

It seems u can go to heaven even when racist after all!

Tel Aviv is world most friendly Gay city.

Very few white people respect black people. It’s the high time black people put their sh#t together and showed the world that they are worth something. I am sure a Rwandese will be more respectable compared to any other black person from Africa because they have clearly shown the world what they are capable of accomplishing.

Problem inakuanga they can’t differentiate ati Rwandese, Naija, Kenyan etc. We are all black meffi in their eyes.

Makende wewe. Israeli are racists and violent animals. Unaona venye wanaua Palestinians kama kuku? Open your eyes.

They believe everyone is a goy. A soulless being created to serve Jews.

@Mangele tafadhali,hata kama,some times buana,be checking whether a topic has been discussed before posting it…
Kwani huko kwenu mambo si real time?

Next time weka link. You think I read the whole board? :rolleyes:

They are not killing paleatinians. They are killing shitty terrorists. You cant sell the idea that israel neigbours are peace loving…

Israel keeps taking more and more of their land… … and you expect the neighbours to be all hugs and kisses!??

Wewe ni ng’ombe. Those young children and old women wenye wanapigwa bomb kila siku pia ni terrorists? Hao watoto wa seven years wenye wanapigwa risasi kila siku pia ni terrorists? Watoto wa ten years wenye wanafungwa jela pia ni terrorists? Wachanga ujinga nani, sipendangi ng’ombe hazitumii akili.

So Maumau pia ni terrorist juu alitandika mbeberu venye alikuja kutuibia shamba? Nyinyi ndio zile shetani ziliita Nelson Mandela terrorist juu ya kutetea watu wake.

When white Jews were secretly sterilising Ethiopian Jews who are dark, that should have told you everything you need to know about them. They’re are almost as savage as Arabs.
I guess now I’ll be called antisemitic :D:D

The largest number of casualties killed and maimed by mau mau were kikuyus. Afdhali hio freedom ingekaa

Mau mau was terrorist group. Period