Rachel Omamo

Is she really okay??

That’s Judy wakhungu not omamo.omamo ni C’s defence,Judy ni ambassador to France

Ile story ya ufisadi ya mama labda imemdunga stress 790m apana mcheso kulipa

Nini hii amevaa, anahaibisha nichi.

Sasa hizo tucker tucker amevaa ndio fashion inatrend huko Paris?

Is she single?

At a glance I would say cancer. But it could be anything really.

And you will hear the Luhya nation talking of certain communities having “stick legs” whereas their women supposedly have “skwembe”.

The irony.

CC @Abba Shikwekwe , @Simiyu22

You will also hear the same Luhya nation saying that a certain community are all thieves including their mothers.

The irony.

Labda single digit kg

From heavy machine to built for speed

Typical bonobo mindset… ati dressing in ‘African’ attire to impress mzungu but goes back to mini skirts immediately after the meeting…

Sometimes I wonder whether you bonobos even got to see the insides of a classroom. There is no Rachel Omamo up there so which ones is you talking about??

Judy Wakhungu - Ambassador to France.
Rachel Omamo - CS: Foreign Affairs
Monica Juma - CS : Defence


Hii ghassia ni as dumb as a dodo

She’s wearing a green tarpaulin dress. Hemmed.

If you give correct answers every where,the thread ends.zat is a lesson from Digi

Looks like a chronic condition mostly cancer, hair gone…or probably diabetic or hbp which forced her to change diet. Quick recovery to her

Huyu Judy wakhungu former CS environment na alikuwa involved kwa ile saga ya arror dams.Enyewe we waste a lot of energy and time chasing the wind.
That figure is more scary than a zombie.