Rachel Dolezal...Once you go black..

So there is this lady in the US called Rachel Dolezal who has been very active in her local black community, became the president of the local NAACP chapter, is a professor of African American studies and even was a hairdresser for black hair. Only problem is, she looks like this:
Her own mother says she is a white woman who has been passing her self off as black for the last 9 years. And even provided pics of her when she was younger:
When asked if she is African American, she first deflected by saying she doesnt understand the question then following up with “we are all from Africa.”

and yes @Female Perspective OINTB is back:

According to evolutionists then she is right we are all african.

The issue is deceit. Apparently white people have chaired the NAACP before, but why lie about your heritage? too such extremes?

And apparently she received hate-mail which she allegedly sent to herself. So he committed a hate crime on herself.

Lol thts funny

Lol thts insane

Now purr the way you are yellow yellow, imagine passing yourself off as a kardashian…

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Black is in the heart!

Then white supremecists are the cosby’s.

Hehehe. …

Kila nyani (pun not intended) na starehe zake

This whole story is damn hilarious!