hii kitu ina faida kweli?

The first time I ate it was at Pork City Thika, its very tasty so if you can secure a buyer as big as Pork City you are good to go since its very popular and there is always a shortage there

i have never heard of any legit success stories,i think its the new Quail

iko na nyama tamu sana

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Pork City iko wapi Thika ?

next to club Image but there are several impostors that have stolen the name, the first time I almost entered the wrong one Look out for “PORK CITY ORIGINAL” its cleaner and bigger than the impostors that are on the same building

Hii ni panya mnakula

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huzaa mbio sana

I thought ni story ya guys dry frying like rabbits.

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Kazi yake is soo demanding. But Rabbit price is more than Goat price, depending on the weight. Jaribu kujisajili na rabbit republic. For more check this


A kg sells for abouk sh 500, kuna zile breed kubwa which when mature weigh more than 3 kgs, haina kazi mingi since they breed very fast, if you have a ready market for them then ni business poa, i read earlier this year kwa gazeti that there is a slaughter house specifically for rabbits being built in thika so i think demand huko hiko juu

You can get their meat at Tuskys at 600 per kg. Issue ni i have never seen anyone buy.

I will never eat rats