R.I.P Wanderi. Funeral arrangements starting this weekend at Kasarani Mwiki

May Wanderi’s soul Rest in Peace.
I have just spoken to Milly, Wanderi’s assistant here in Nairobi. She says Wanderi passed on through a heart attack/cardiac arrest.
She says funeral arrangements will commence this weekend at Mwiki, Kasarani. I will post the location and other details here once i get the info from her.


if the funeral is around NRB will make a point of attending


I will also attend to dance on his grave.

Kwani wee Supu ni MARAYA ??

kama ni nairobi tutakuja


We can also have a Listers photo…for those who will attend.

Mauki family will be waiting for Thirdman if they are still alive… Mharo itakukuta kwako…

Akiamungu, he he he, on that note nitaatend but can’t identify myself as a former lister.

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Pia mimi ikitangazwa ni wapi naenda but as Mauki would put it, “chini ya maji”.

hehehe wewe ni fala wanderi bado atapikwa kende maryland usa


Lazima nifike huko ånd i will borrow mauki’s slogan ,apana tambua mauki.

just spoken to Wanderi’s sister called Milly. She says meetings are being held at Kasarani Mwiki. The family home is situated at the end of Mwiki. You can call 0722437428 for directions to the family home. You can also mpesa to 0722718096 Roma.