Now,everybody knows that since Barrack Hussein Obama was elected as the POTUS,Rao has been claiming that BHO is his cousin…why didn’t his cousin invite him to the family diner*???

Was his POTUS so embarrassed to invite his cousin??

I think its time we put this issue to and end. Its been discussed over and over again in previous threads, na coz naona wewe bado ni mgeni (karibu lakini)…this topic is starting to be in bad taste.


Unless this ‘POTUS’ character is a lister,I dont think you will get a satisfactory answer but let me give it a try…sere dumbass

@Electronics4u ahsante kwa kunkaribisha…nashkuru

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Bad taste how? The problem with this site is that it has juvenile moderators, including Manki (Kidinyi).


Si umfuate huko Ethiopia umuulize? Ama you are just what your handle suggests?

Stop catching feelings coz of ile thread yako ya Moses Kuria.o_O
We have a duty to watch threads so that they don’t degenerate into tribal insults. I will not allow that to happen here as long as I am a Mod.(however Juvenile that is)


I beg to differ. Let the posts come fast and furious. The man never misses an opportunity to politic, even in funerals. So it’s only fair we analyse this till there’s nothing left to analyse.


Hizi ndio zile hujaza server

You say that but you keep on letting Jerry’s(Jirani) posts hang around despite their negative tribal content.


I think the admin should set the threshold in terms of quality for the threads here. The thread should be issue specific, a life experience /Hekaya, and not some opinion that doesn’t encourage a healthy conversation.

kirindi tigana nakio…kirindi kiremire musa X 2 bwana @Electronics4u


Lazima watu waheshimu baba, na sio tafadhali

He he, ama utaonana nao ‘ana kwa ana, uso kwa uso, mabega kwa mabega, magoti kwa magoti, mpaka waseme, Raila baba, Raila mwana na roho mtakatifu’.
Said in a heavy jeng accent.


Thot ameenda to the land of Rastas. Ama avatar yako Ni ya Rasta bonoko and don’t love Barry as a fellow Rasta?

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itakuwa Trinity

Ati catching feelings? Kijana, don’t outrun yourself. Yes, you are a moderator in a message board I visit. That gives you power to deactivate anything I post, which I guess is about the same as the power of an MG/SJ hoe to toa thuruare for me or not. Do Icatch feelings when the SJ/MG refuses and I move to the next hoe? I’d have to be stupid to do that. Do you think am stupid? I thought not. Thank you.

Babie si uprotect me from these idiots you work with. Aki sweetie, why are you uneashing them on me, Kidinyi?