Quitting khat

Muguka ni fom, ile euphoria ina letanga, productivity & overall kuchill na muguka + cigarettes ina letanga feeling unmatched.

but it becomes a problem when you take it in order to get through. That’s when unajua ime kua addiction.
Does anyone know of an alternative? Or healthy way to go about quitting khat? Nime jaribu kuenda cold turkey but ni hard.

I’m a Muguka user too, I use it to clear hangovers mostly also makes me alert in the mornings. But abuse of Muguka ages your heart and causes kidney ailments long-term, but eventually we’ll all die anyway.


Nomaa sanaaaa hapo kwa handaaaasss tuko pamoja…for the advice on how to quite…just be broke and you will have no choice but to quite.Lol