Quitting Alcohol

Wakubwa naona tei itaniua. My finances have taken a nose dive. Jana nilikamua lanye dwy fwy. When am drunk I do things that I would never ever do in my right mind nikiwasober. How do I get my life together? How do you guys manage your alcohol habits?

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What you lack is will and self control.
Alcohol never leaves the selling points and brings itself to your home.
Ni wewe huenda kuitafuta.

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drunk everyday for several years. i burned through 50k in less than a week and then got sick and i had to beg for money for my medication. luckily for me and not so much for Kenya Brewery and Co, the medicine that i was

control your thoughts.
If you can never control your thoughts, you can never control anything else

Fombe, the destroyer of worlds…if there’s one habit that is painstakingly hard to kick is quiting alcohol. Only moderation can save you

Leta hiyo hekaya.

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What is the underlying problem that makes you drink?? Find it and solve it. If you don’t, you will hit the bar again.

The battle is in your mind, not with the bottle. If you know what I mean then this shouldnt be a problem to solve.

Moderation is easier saidthan done.

Simple. Just don’t drink alcohol kama dunia inaisha.
Pombe has been there since Bible times and will always be there.
Greed and peer pressure could be the reason.
First, hama hio estate.
Two drop your drinking buddies.
Three, start a family or a ka project to keep you busy.

After pombe Ni dry fry

You need to find something that will preoccupy you hio time unakunywa .Plus keti chini write down your purpose in life and note how alcohol is preventing you from achieving your goals/purpose .
Join a gym and never ever look at alcohol again

Why are you giving this guy advice he’s a conman