QuickBooks POS

I already have this software, and I have a client who’s asking for a quotation. The problem is that I hate setting up the damn software and feeding the items.

How much can I charge for a common mwanainchi?

How many stations and ‘quantify’ how many items

It’s a one station mini shop. Hizo small mini supermarkets za mtaa.


i always use 30-35% of item/material cost

Hehe na kama chloe ametoa Hiyo POS pirate bay?

:Dunaingia pareee olx/jumia/ebrahims et al and check local cost.

Nitakuhitaji one day @Chloe

if i may ask.are you an IT guru?just an observation…for a lady nakuinulia mikono na miguu if its the case.but confirm it

Hi Chloe.
How do you find QB, in terms of ease of use & functionality?

Ali confirm in the ktalk hotseat interview sometimes last year yeye ni mtu wa IT

Kwani is it a big deal for a lady to be an IT guru? Do you know the earliest computer programmers were women?