Quick question

I have a mboch in my house…she keeps on looking at me, with those sexy eyes. She also looks for an oportunity and looks at me with her finger in the mouth.

Does she wants me? Can I go a head and try her? Its realy a trying moment and I have developed a liking to her…

Chorea hapo. That will be the beginning of your problems.

Don’t shit where you eat.

Wariahe chinga kajitie ndole kwanza. Hatutaki maswali ya upuss.

Eat but remove her from the house. Mtafutie job ingine

Waria …wacha nisikutusi

kama yeye ni somali , kula kabisa …but if she is nubian usiguze coz she has superior negroid genes , she deserves better

Unafaa kuwa ulishaleta evidence ya aftermath.

Do NOT try. It will the beginning of a long treacherous, downfall from grace. Once you have eaten, your marriage will never be the same again.

House helps can wipe out a whole family unless you get one that really loves. All in all, there is no happy ending for you once you cross that line.

Ni kuktupima akili anatupima, huyu ashakula. Good luck young man.

Hiyo ya kutupima akili nakubali but hiyo ya kukula hapana. The talker has a very active fertile imagination

Kwanza kuhipi alimfukuza very fast, it’s like mwanamke ana sense hii maneno haraka before uja jua, it’s better you keep off

It’s better u come home late na utoke mapema tu avoid TEMPTATIONS. Nyumba ni ya wanawake, kazi yako ni kulipa rent na ku lala tu