Quick question

I am intrigued by this chapter of the Holy bible.
Did God forgive king David after the episode with Uriah’s wife?
Further long the verse we we informed that the child they begot eventually died.
which begs the question… Does God forgive ? or in the end whatever you do comes back to you because there is a pattern how things turn out the way they do.
Or forgiveness has to have a deeper understanding

Unataka kukula bibi ya nani this round ??

Hii tothi bado virgin

God not only forgave David, but later endorsed his crime by allowing Bathsheba’s son, Solomon, to succeed his father. After allowing Joab to kill Absalom, who had a better claim to the throne than Solomon.
Moral of the story: if you want another man’s wife, just arrange for him to get murdered then continue fucking the daylights out of his wife. God will understand wadau.

God only forgives if you have told what you have done to the one who you have wronged and you are truly sorry and you won’t repeat again the mistake.

Naona umewatch Ile clip ya that old man who claims kukuliwa na MinjiMinji akiwa kijana,… He also has this claim of God not forgiving daudi. … Mimi napita tu

So who did David confess to given that Uriah-de was dead dead dead…

Mambo mengine ni ngumu kuelewa. Wengu hapa I know we are guilty of accepting slices from married women lakini kuchukua bibi ya wenyewe ni mbaya sana. Mbaya. Lakini kuna slices ngumu sana kukataa.


do not let the bible book rule over you.

inorder to be forgiven, one must accept where done wrong and not repeat that wrong again