quick money,cash money real money....do we have a doctor in the house

si eti ni kwa ubaya but,wakati mwingine,msoto huknock door and thats when a human being gets ideas worth a meddle
so in my today’s hekaya i have a idea of making quick money…say 10k when i am im a fix,so the story starts last week,one afternoon nikiwa kwa ofisi an insurance agent got my audience and he introduced me into an insurance product called hosi care where they are paying their client 1k everyday incase of hosipitalization …eneyewe watu si wanjanja ,how do u ask kenyans for discharge summary ,copy of id na kra pin for you to pay them lets say 15k???

so my idea is simple if we have a doctor in the house,all i have to do is to "fall sick"and “be admitted in his hospital” then we get the cash…i have their scope mtu anaweza taka


kabla tuende mbali


@Luther12 kuja uchukue pesa upotee

It happens kila siku, there is a lady that was working in the medical insurance department of an insurance firm while she was married to a doctor whose clinic had partnered with the firm, she used to handle all claims related to the said clinic. By the time the fraud was detected she had made over 5 million bob

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA haki hata mimi naanza kuchora

Tuko date 10 ,na msoto inaanza kuknock :confused::confused:

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its like wakenya waliamua watakua wakikamua insuarance firms, enda optica kama uko na optical cover, nunua zile Ray-Ban za 20k, itakuwa charged to the insuarance company kama eye test and spectacles purchase.

msoto si crime…but i can assure u i have visited the bank once since i was paid on 28th…my expenses in one day ni 120-150 unless am refilling the car which i only do once in two weeks na card


hahahaha,Eti expenses za max 200 mbili in day.manze usitubebe kwa mgongo hiyo design.Not practical unless uko mashinani.

usiseme mashinani…sema NAIVASHA…kuna siku huwa natumia 0shs

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kwani hukuli?

Buda boss,Huko basi ni kuzuri sana.minmum kwangu ni 1500 na bado ngata.

i live 200metres from my house…ku walk ni kama 10mints…i eat lunch at home

So you don’t live in your house?

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o_Oo_O why rent a house then live 200 metres next to it bwana


hahahahaha pole sana…200meters from workplace


Alexander Conspicuous na Mbugua of Saf internet wakusaidie kutuconvince.

This is wonderful Mr Wonder!