Questions as we prep for 8/17

Considering that we haven’t seen the final ruling there are a few things that can be used again to discredit the elections and I have a few questions:

I’m wondering whether this ‘logarithm’ will change if at all we have a straight line the second time

form 34A/B/C
Will the forms be available online same time as the results

Will NASA and Jubilee have agents at all polling stations to sign the forms and what happens if an agent refuses to sign forms above?

Threshold to concede
Now that we have seen that the process needs to be without fault 100%, what is the threshold to concede…is it the prverbial 7?

Mass Action
We have already seen the repercussions of a NASA loss, will Jubilee sycophants take to the streets or accept and move on?

will IEBC take inept staff and party agents of the first round to court?

Run-off (highly unlikely)
What happens if the winner does not get 50%, do we go for a run-off?

How would we fail to have 50+1?


1.Its an algorithm not logarithm.

  1. No way the winner will have less than 50% in a contest of 2.

  2. Get a brain replacement.


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In a 2-way contest?

  1. I had that word in quotes

  2. The other candidates whether in or out are statistically insignificant, your point doesn’t hold water

  3. Based on the above 2 points, seems you need one more than I do

  4. I tried to be as impartial as I could so don’t come shit’n on me


Whatever the case, a winner is a must. Bet on that!

I will not touch the rest.

Forget it. This is going to be one sided. If NASA wins, concession will come right after 50+1 is achieved. Otherwise, there will be no concession.

This is a bullshit question. your heinie needs some barn polish.

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Kumbuka kwa hio Logarithim y=m*+c

Indeed, how?

Nigga,there will be no other candidates. Get a brain.

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can I borrow yours?

spoilt votes, the silent third candidate that we always ignore?

Y=mx+c is a simple linear equation. C is an arbitrally constant, say 0 or poll stations whose results are cancelled. In this case, C represents the margin of error and can be insignificant for practical purposes in such a largescale collection of events. If its insignificant, the equation is a simple ratio y=mx where x is independent or known first and m is the ratio. It means that m can be any guess say 1.253 and if x is railas votes, then, y, or x*1.253, is uhuru’s votes. Its actually what they called geometric progression. It is a straight line graph with y greater than x by the same percentage at any point. It’s elementary maths for those who did well in high school.
Watu wasifanye ikae ni kama ni kitu kubwa saana ati you need huge computers to do. It’s simple multiplication.

Now, it can only become complex if you use artificial intelligence to implement it. In that case, the computer determines probable value of y, but not necessarily the exact value. Like an auto gearbox does. It changes gears by estimating your probable intention but not on fixed logic. That could also explain why the percentage difference played around 10 percent rather than a truly fixed value.


But spoilt votes do not get counted and therefore NEVER feature in percentages. Kusema kweli @kah tony you’re trying to unseat @wonderful wonder.


What is 8/17 ???

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Spoilt votes will be reduced to 98% from 8/8 election. Remember this time roind wr are only voting for presidential candidates, and they are only 2.

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I thought it’s from total votes counted.

Did u read or listen to the ruling of 2013 presidential election petition?

Every time you think, think again.

Spoilt ballot papers may have been cast, but they are never counted because the voters intentions cannot be established.

Consider the one that was posted on Twitter by a very dim-eyed JaKuonist who had put a cross against Uhuru’s image and a tick next to JaKuon.