Would you have a serious relationship with a prostitute you met in town? Assuming you live with the girl for one month and see that she has all the qualities of a good wife, what would you do? All STI tests come back clean.

  • You know that you were her last client
  • You know that she has a young son
    She has outstanding wife qualities. Would you consider dating her or would you just fuck and leave? Assuming you are a bachelor

Wooooow @this is hard @Voltron

Wewe na makena undeni chama muwe mnaulizana hizi maswali.

What kind of feelings do you have for her?
Do you want to save her from a life as a prostitute - a profession she has chosen?
Can you be a father in the truest sense of the word to her son who is not yours and his father is not known?
Or do you only appreciate her qualities in bed?

Haven’t we been here before talkers?
What was his handle?

You and @10000 OTHERS have been down this road… .all they could say at the end was what a @TerribleWaste of

@Female Perspective kumbe kuna client anajaribu kukufuga ndio maana hujaonekana karibu mwezi.

Mpeleke Uhuru park kesho, together with her son.

What was that handle again?

MTOTO WA CHUI nyoka… Do you know that…?

Want to know whether that whore loves you? Mwambie akuzalie. If she gives any excuse, any, know that you are just another ATM machine to her. Good luck bro. You will need it


Prostitutes are good actors and they numb the their other senses normal in women, heart and mind ,when dealing with clients,just like when you see a big ass in the streets of Nairobi,given a chance you would only want a one night stand.She will play your game well and milk out as much money from you,you will be surprised with all the requests,use your mind properly and stop being a simp,we do not want you in this forum complaining abour Kenyan women

By the way there was a guy here who asked for the same advice as yours on this forum sijui alienda wapi…he even took her to a date pale Uhuru park along with her son…he never hekayad his progress. I think the handle was @The Perfectionist

Kuna msemo usemao “kunguru…”
Hata wewe unaweza malizia!!

Niaje pinnochio

usiite madem kunguru, hiyo ni kelele ya hawa maboy

As much as you feel inclined to, don’t do it for your peace of mind. Any guy who has tried has failed. Don’t be a statistic bruh!!!


I think you should wife her if she is serious about you two and you truly love her. Not many people would be able to do such and I commend you for being so brave. Remember Mary Magdalena was a prostitute once and she became a follower of the Christ and one of his most beloved followers