Quality Music System

Where can one get a quality music system yenye you can enjoy your listening experience.Whether it be a home theater or just a hi-fi systems.Kindly give any leads…

Chukua ii…

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Several threads down. Therein lies your answer

boss it all depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend, a kawaida home theater sold in sony center will cost you from 20k -45k. but nothing quality about it. if you want a good home system try this:

  1. yamaha ,onkyo, reciever( there are so many others that are in the market) capable of 5.1 and also 7.1 speaker setup.
    2.pl200 or a jbl powered subwoofer
    3.5 or 7 tallboy liquid cooled speakers
  2. a blue ray dvd player
    at least thats what i have and estimated cost is 100k . the good thing is that they do not come bundled all together, meaning u can buy each item at your own pace. personally it took me 1 year to have a complete unit.
    hapo nimekusaidia my friend?

ampex msee


Haujasaidiana hapa ata kidogo! Receivers kwanza unanunua receiver pamoja na speakers??


100k for a radio?Be serious.Kwani ni club anafungua?

Lg or sony hifi above 1500 pmpo will be enough.Home theaters are not good for music.

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nimeangalia amazon, ebay nikaona hio box ni ya hio machine pekee bila speakers

kila kitu huuzwa kando boss

Sasa unaona? Bado hujamadvice vipoa, cox akinunua receiver na atumie speaker za sonitec bado hakuna good listening experience

:D:D:D speakers anunue “bic america” akibuy sonitec they will blow within 1 min and at volume 05.

tufauti ya hometheater na hio receivor ni zipi e.g kama hio yamaha hapo juu ni 300 watts sony dz 650 ni 1000 watts yet pricing ni different sana. leta maoni we settle hii maneno

ebu try bose you’ll be surprised what real bass is but be prepared their stuff is expensive.


most of those receivers have an output of 8 ohms while hizo Sony speakers can not handle 8 ohms. dont get me wrong, the sony will work but sound quality will be way bellow the speakers that can handle 8 ohms

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iko na karaoke?

kuna kasauti hatusikiangi kama adelle akipumua


Very expensive

Sijui hizi receivers ni nini kusema tu ukweli.Bass ya kwangu hutoka kwa hii rungu-> pioneer D4 1400watts Na amp yake ya bass hapo kando…kitu inaangusha bassline ya Reggae unasikia intestines zikiflex pia.