Quality made in Kenya products zikuom.

Sio Kula saa kulalamika .

  1. East African cable …
    [SIZE=1]SQNY is not Kenyan[/SIZE].

2.Sabina Joy lanyes

Kuna day some nigga here was praising a certain Made in Kenya bulb. Venye it is very bright. Shit bulb couldn’t go more than 2 months



Who knows where I can buy AKABANGA some pepper product from Rwanda.





alah but sio franchising:D


ama ni uBonobo nasumbua wewe

KCC butter. Very velvety

Mahindi choma
smokie pasua…

ubobobo tu:D

Some are locally assembled

[SIZE=6]There is nothing made in Kenya by Kenyans except maybe man love like that found between @Wanaruona and his wife @kanguthu .[/SIZE]

@administrator, maze ban hii malaya.


Nah,hamuna kitu ,labda bibyai na zile fish ballz za bumar market . KCC was founded by Hugh Cholmondoley ,Lord Delamere as its Chairman 1926 pale Naivasha ,shares labda ndio mingi but hatuna anything kenyan

Who knows what is wrong with this arsehole??!

Zesta jam jameni. Hii kitu hunimaliza. Makes bread taste like cake.