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My nephew is being offered a job by Hemaya Security company. The job is is said to be in Qatar working for the Qatar Goverrment integrated security system. The Local recruiting company is called everlast and we are being asked to pay up 160 k for visa, flight and medicals.

Does any one here know this guys ??.

Pay a lawyer a small fee to investigate if the “everlast” company is legitimate and if the owners are not crooks. Spend around 10,000 /= for the lawyer before you give your hard earned. 160,000/=

Thanks Owuadn.

I know some listers wanafanya Huko Majuu. Just doing due diligence phase one.

Asi kazi ya Soja unalipa 160k? He can more dignified biz in this country with that.

uliza @kush yule mnono nadhani ako hizo area

contact embassy ya qatar ujue kama kuna jobs kama hizo

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Am not sure about this Qatar Government integrated security system but all I can advice @Inthanite is that anytime an agent ask you for money to get a job just run like hell is after your arse. Trust me if the Qatari gover wants to recruit for a job they wont do it through some shady recruitment agencies. Just google and check out the details.

Doesnt seem legit, they might be cons, instead ya kupoteza hiyo doh ongezea kidogo kijana afunguwe biashara.


the best option ni hii

Exactly. 160k can do serious business here. Soja atabreak even lini?

160Ko_Okwani unaenda job UK ama Denmark?hawa agents wanamake pesa mingi sana…Afghanistan utalipia 70k and you get a whooping 250,000-300,000mper month for accountants, IT experts etc as net every month and everything else like transport food and shelter is taken care of…kwa hizo kazi za qatar na abudabi,sijui saudi arabia,tafuta agents town wenye wataku hook up na employers who are genuine and usually fly to the country to conduct interviews themselves for various positions lie chefs,waiters,salesmen/women,watchmen and other commonly available jobs in those counties with salaries ranging from 40k-150k

160k ni nduthi tatu…pesa mzuri

huko bado wanapigana? hiyo pesa sio mbaya

Ati atia 160k?

Mr. Inthanite why raise a querry with false information. I am sure you were asked for 1000 dollars which was already explained before your nephew was offered the opportunity to interview for the position.
PS: that is a service fee charged for the services offered with the Qatar government and the hiring company in full consent.You are free to confirm with the Embassy.
As for the fat guy aka kush yule mnono. The charges are there and very legal and the business model is legal too. If you have a problem with that you can raise it with the Qatari government and all the best.I personally wish everlast all the best and may God open more opportunities for them since i know they are the only honest and straight forward recruitment company in Kenya.
PS: Mr. Inhanite i know of several guys who are happily working there and refer all their friends to Everlast who are known for their honesty and being straightforward . your cheap propaganda here is baseless and invalid.

NV show some respect to the elders. You are as fake as that MF everlast agency. Keti ==================>> PALE nasio TAFASALI



If you are the Public Relations Officer of that “outfit” then Its such a pity.

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