Pwagu hupata pwaguzi

So after several years of enjoying my bachelorhood(fucking different girls and whores in a week and getting high each weekend and occasionally some weekdays) I decided to put an end to it.
The best way was to get a permanent girlfriend and progress things further to marriage. I also planned to slow down on Brown bottle na makali,focus on my job and saving money.

Somehow I got successful in achieving the, I have dated this fine, humble lady for one and half month now and all the time she is been telling me that there is something I needed to know about her though she wasn’t ready to talk bout it. yesterday while having dinner and some wine,akaamua kufunguka.

Its was all bout a group of cons she join while in her teens.she told me bout all the conning,robbery and extortion she did while in that group(going to the extreme ends to make it happen,sorry for not sharing details) also revealed to be a chain smoker until last year when she decided to quit,finally.she told me she has reformed and she is a new person.she even offered me to meet her former gangmate(a lady) who has also reformed.

Now,I have been having problems reconciling my current bae with all the info she gave,considering that I got attracted and chose her because of her personality first(humble,down to earth wife material),…and…aehemm her curvy body.

My worry is what if these past behavior shows up in future or even how sure am I that am not being used by her to get a husband and then aendelee with her behavior?

For those who have had similar cases,how did it go?.is it wise to proceed?

Grammar nazis,please spare me the osungu.dll and give your opinion on the matter

Run nigga run

How bad was it? Did they kill anyone?

…she will be back to her roots at the slightest mistake you’ll make. Always watch your back and tread carefully. Remember, she’s knows better how to console herself when things go haywire and you don’t wanna know how she’ll be consoling herself.

She deserves a lot of respect and support from you.It is not easy to come clean about your past.This looks like somebody who has reconciled with her past,subdued her demons and ready to forge ahead.Would you rather have heard about her past from third parties?

Nope.she didn’t mentioned that. The worst she told was her group head torturing a person.

In a relationship trust is key,if I keep watching my back,I’ll not be trusting her and she will notice that…

Thanks for your comment. When we started dating,she was hesitant saying that she is afraid I might leave her one day because of something she has to tell me.

Luwele luwele…uliona ule msupa wa langata prison…hakuna tofauti…

Her confession is a solid base for friendship and while at it looks like she respects you a great deal.

kunguru hafugiki, na akifugika atarudi tu mstuni.

But again i don’t need to chip in in this bcoz mambo ya watu wawili wanapendana ni nyamblicated kweli.

Hope you have the best out of your relationshit

she’s still doing it. she scamming you!

!! dead giveaway!

I am a firm believer that “people never change” their core personality will always remain the same…they might hide/pretend for a while for whatever reasons lakini once a priest always a priest.

Everyone has a past!!
yako happens to be umalaya while yake was a criminal life,so just search your soul to know what you can overlook and what crosses your lines.
and i have a feeling you already have your answer


Duh,okay…Thanks for your comment

No,bro.I still don’t have an answer,still pondering on what path to take

How is her game?
Just take your slices and move on. I don’t think I would knowingly date someone with a criminal past. It takes a certain disposition to commit crimes. What if she goes back to her default settings?

They are planning to recruit you into their gang. Her confession was a subtle way of showing you the other side of her. Once you are over the initial shock and are OK with the situation, she will move to phase 2.

My big question is do you love her?Ask me most men are married to former hookers and some are still hookers.Most of this guys with a holier than thou attitude are married to spouses with such a stinking past the only comfort they have is that they know not their pasts.My take is if you love that woman who are we to judge her?that’s my two cents.

Na wewe si una fuckery past, have disclosed to her all those details? You now know the worst that can happen if you choose to settle down with her unlike the turncoat you will pick in a church and marry only to find that they have a more rotten past. Ask her to make peace with all her past victims otherwise one day someone may just pay you a visit to settle some unfinished business.