Putin: North Koreans 'will eat grass but will not give up nuclear programme'

North Koreans would rather “eat grass” then give up their nuclear weapons programme, Vladimir Putin has said.

The Russian President condemned North Korea’s latest military test, but also warned against using military force against the country, calling it a “road to nowhere” that could lead to a “global catastrophe.”



Putin might be a dictator but his reasoning is very grounded. These crazy democratic republic of Korea guys have nothing to lose and have the arsenal to ferk up the world.

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read about ww1 and ww2. know what triggered north korea to behave the way they are behaving.
do you know what happened to our dear leader, muammar Gaddafi, when he let go his nuclear weapons program?


Kim is interested in getting his body instantly turned into a fine red mist…:smiley:

not gonna happen anytime soon. watch this space


I love the way n. Korea stands up against the west. Country kaa Kenya we can’t dare juu si ni mabitch wa U.S. et al…wanatudonatia hadi pesa ya kundule na chakula tukulane tuzaane waongeze loan yao kwetu. we are in deep shiet than N.Korea…ni venye tu no one airs it

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