Putin is kaput



meffi media hawana nyews:D

meffi media=@hakimoto

CNN ABC mharo news , meanwhile chechen wing wanauwa maumbwa za Zelensky kuuwa .

Ukweli kabisa habari Moto moto

hakimoto haki ya yesu

leta twist

Abc news? Wezdan prokopanda…this one will work. So,muricans got wind that army generals are scared to tell putin…and putin was the last to know? …on abc news? Fuckouttahere!!!

USA apparently pulled its Warships out of the Black Sea when they noticed a build up of the Russian Navy in the area, just before Ukraine was attacked.

Here are details of that buildup.

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even a kid can spin better


apana tambua dollarilie:meffi:

Mungich hapa local uko mrengo gani UDAki ama ASSmio.

no vote
jaluo kihīī
lootal jangiri sugu

sigwez panga laini my fren:D

I hate queing

Pia mimi sina nguvu ya kurauka kupanga line.

wacha katambe…
tutaendea scray Ukraine tuuze UG

Hizi media ni fake sana.

Trump was always right.

So the guys in Russia are afraid of telling Putin sijui Nini, but they have told US fake media with the assumption that Putin has no access to foreign news

Even in America alot of ppl do not trust their mainstream media ndio maana their ratings ziko kwa choo.:smiley: