Putin atamaliswa.


Mnyambo wa punda. Russia ilitomba Georgia 2008 wakipiga tu kelele hivo, nothing happened. Kazi ni ku-threaten tu sanctions. Biden is doing everything to distract the world from his tanking ratings. Russia must never allow NATO missile systems so close to its border.

Msito Putin will exterminate ukraine. Britain wafunge hio mdomo yao. 3 MOAB will make them extinct. We will increase the size of Mediterranean sea.

The end of the world is happening as prophesied in Daniel and Revelations. World wars and the Mark of the Beast occuring simultaneously.

Takataka paper tigers. Putin alichukua Crimea walifanya nini? Ukraine either returns to Russia’s fold or Putin will take all land east of Dneiper.

Too many frontiers for Msito Biden. Kuna China, Russia, congress, Republicans, Rona, space… he’s stretched maximum

So they said in the days of Alexander the Great, during Caesar time, during the crusades, during the persecution of the heretics, during the rise and fall of the ottoman empire, during the European (world) wars. During the gulf wars.
Hii prophecy has been postponed over 1000 times in history.

The end of the world has many variants like corona

wangemaliza kesi ya Crimea kwanza.

who is Putin grooming to take over akudedi?

Stop consoling yourselves. Repent your sins before the end of the world

Tell 'em Chief! Tell them you are The Undisputed Chief Bonobo. Tell them how you fervently believe in Jewish folklore and how doomed their pagan souls are. Congratulations for defending your Bonobo title this year by the way. :smiley:

Hamjui vile dunia hufanya kazi, na role ya commerce kwa decision zote zenye nchi yyote hufanya. Bila Russia weapons zenu mtakuwa mnauzia nani? Ajiprotect against nani? Bila Iran countries kama Saudi Arabia zitanunua weapons za USA kuzifanyia nini? Kujiprotect against nini? North Korea ikianguka, na China ikuwe weak, South Korea na Japan na Taiwan watahitaji USA tena? Lazima uadui iwe, ndio biashara ifanyike.

Ile mti huwa unafagia majani yake kila asubuhi ndio inakufanya uwe employed kama cleaner, ukiikata kazi itakwisha.

:smiley: exactly.

So in short what you are sayong is that you believe that you yourself you evolved from said bonobo monkey? The hair just fell off from your skin while your tail fell off from your buttocks and you started walking ramrod straight?

And when will you evolve some wings?

( I mean from what you guys believe Putin evolved from you and developed a white skin blue eyes and bigger brain. You should therefore evolve some wings and show him who’s boss.)

EU itself iko fragmented they will do nothing. Mzee Biden cannot enter a new war considering the US voters hawataki hio.

:smiley: Two things;

  1. You inferred something I didn’t even remotely imply. I don’t know whether you deliberately or ignorantly misinterpreted my comment. If it’s the latter, sorry but I can’t help you. If you didn’t get it, then it was obviously not meant for you.

  2. I am not liable for your understanding and interpretation of the theory of evolution. Feel free to make your inferences and assertions as your ignorant ess deems fit.

Well you did call him a bonobo while in fact if you believe in science and evolution then you probably believe that you evolved from that very same bonobo you have mentioned. Not unless you have an alternative theory on how you came to exist.

Yevgeny Zinichev,but he died in accident recently.