Pussyzology final reasearch

I Master Mwenyewe the King of pussy, yesterday did a research of all the sex dens in Nairobi. Am happy to let you know that one of the International universities just called me a few minutes after posting the thread and awarded me with a PHD in pussyzology/kumazology/sexology.

Due to that I saw it better that today I give my findings on Nairobi strip clubs and am sure you guys know them by their names;

  1. Tahiti
  2. Small World
  3. Apple bees

Tahiti is a small and noisy strip club with its balcony serving as the VIP. It has a private room at the VIP for those who want to fuck and the room will cost you 600 bob. Tahiti entry is 200 and the VIP entry is 1000. For those who take shisha iko uko kwa wingi despite the burn from the government, it has also young ladies who know how to look for money. Small World is the cheapest strip club in Kenya. Its regular entry is 0 or if u like you can say its free of charge and its VIP is 200 shillings. Its VIP looks like a church since its not only too long but also has very bad seats. Most of its ladies are aged and its a place you will never want to go back to. Small world show starts at 8.30 and beer goes at 200 bob which is very cheap. Apples Club which is said to be one of the oldest strip club in Nairobi has its regular section is 200 and the VIP 1000. For those who go to the VIP have chance of fucking a lady of their choice in the club so long as they a gree with the lady, it has sections for fucking and the club gives for free for only the customers at the VIP.Lidos is one of the most expensive strip joint in Nairobi with a regular entry of 200 and VIP entry of 1000 bob although its VIP works on Friday and Sato. Beer goes at 250 and you must buy two which means you must have 500 bob for drinking. Its a clean club with nice young but very expensive ladies. Club Bavon also charges 200 for regular and 1000 for VIP. Its VIP is the best in town according to my opinion and has enough space for one kukula na macho coz all the ladies in the VIP are all nude. It has also nice seats and its washrooms are good too.Finally club Gabeez regular entry is free on weekday and 100 on friday and sato it also introduced a VIP section which will cost you 700 bob. At the VIP you can do all you want, and at the regular section you can get a lapdance if u so wish.

I master Mwenyewe Releases this research officially.

my first PEP regimen was because of the mess i did in one of these strip clubs,sasa mi huskia strip club naskia kujithiriremokwo

Did you dry fry a lanye ama ni rubber ilitoboka?


mamunjus masnoggies deep,mafinga ,mabj raw then later on asubuhi PNC ikanishika…nikaanza kugoogle kama felatio inaeza sambaza mokingo/ukedia…nikaona the listed body fluids alafu nikajiangalia kwa kioo nikaona lips ziko redder nikaanza kujishuku labda skin barrier was compromised…

No 1,2,3 Apana boss…izo ata nikilipwa kuingia siwezi…place is dingy,stuffy not to mention the patrons in those joints(and the regular msako by the boys in blue)…ile kisonono unaeza toa huko inaeza kushika mpaka kwa mguu…

But Tahiti ni safi sema shida ni place iko located

Noma.Ulirisk buda.Bj from lanye ni moto wa kuotea mbali.Ata kukiss lanye ni ngori.

But mimi utumia mpira bro, mimi ni yule Master mjaja

Hapo kwa kunyonywa mjulubeng raw ni hatari.Hapo STD inaingia ndani.

Kwanza hiyo kunyonywa iko club apple bees uliingia hivi wanakukimbilia

:D:D:D:D you lucky filthy basturd.Ungekuwa chakula cha mchwa saa hii

hahahahahahahahahaha, wewe ndiye umesema

Hapo ni kuvaa rubber kwanza ndio waguze deki.

Hapo sasa tu me rubber is more important than pussy

whisky si fanta mse

Kissing a lanye is like hugging a wet transformer.

ideally a healthy lanye initiates the rubber talk.but ukiona mtu ako willing kukumumunya kavu uyo jua ni someone who’s got nothing to loose…and ofcourse yeye ndio ako side ya transmission

both of us were under influence…or at least i thought

One information that is missing is whether these places are airconditioned. From how cheap these places are I can only imagine the quality of the air. I went to a club with dancers putting up a show and the patrons were not more than 10. And the place was just smelling like armpits. There were three girls on stage and one man. And they were clothed. Now I am just imagining those dungeons with naked women from eastlands mahali kuna shida ya maji.