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Dawa gani inamaliza stretch marks haraka ? Asking for a female friend jane_doe.

msho ajipake ile dawa ya kunguni, huwa inamaliza… thank me later

Laser treatment if they are not too old but if they are old huwezi maliza stretchmarks you can only reduce their appearance. Mixture of olive oil…ile ya kupika and shea butter works better.

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Bio Oil , thank me later.

Bio oil doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money on that. I know a lot of people who have tried it and it never worked…Not even one person had any change.

A very expensive con if I was asked.


Sema ni wewe ,we’ll still understands .it also happens to men.

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well, i assumed if it worked on scars it would on stretch marks, good to know it doesn’t work, why is it that expensive then?

bibi akizeeka amezeeka, si ulikula akiwa mdogo bila stretch marks sasa kubali yeye venye ako

Stretchmarks are not brought by age even teenagers get them. Dr @Luther12 elimisha huyu kijana.

haja nyonya bado,ni masaa ya kunyonya kiyana

is she pregnant if she is there is a cream called pregnacare oint its good.

Call me weird but i find stretcmarks and cellulite Sexy!
I suffered stretchmarks a long time ago when i quit smoking and put on alot of weight in a very short time; Bio oil is a scam.Nilitumia mpaka cocoa butter before it was banned in Europe for its dangerously high mercury content i used to have a Naija guy smuggle it from America and it also doesn`t work.
It is one thing a woman getting stretchmarks but believe me it really got to my confidence as a man but thankfully i was going out with a “momo” so its not like she was going to call me Fat! - Mwanaume ni strategy and thankfully they naturally disappeared over time.

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As @Unicorn said laser treatment…I have tried anything to reduce mine the best product I used was Black opal complex fade gel
but this is for skin toning so it reduced the stretchmarks but pretty expensive


Vaseline petroleum jelly/ arimis …etc applied religiously and in copious amounts daily.

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Its about stretch marks removal and not wanking my friend

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Dawa yake ni rahisi sana. Jikwangure na vipeke alafu paka masala, kisha kunywa supu ya kwato za tandu kutoka maganyakulo kwa mda wa siku tatu.

Hiyo ikikataa. achana na mambo kustrechi kabisa, mbona maksi zitapotea kaka!. Nishkuru baadaye!

We just need a translator now and we are good to go!