purchasing a budget laptop for light tasks only.

Talkers,am considering buying an ASUS [SIZE=6]X553MA notebook, for those who have used this machine,wat are the pros and cons? it bears almost similar features with lenovo G30-50, although lenovo’s celeron processor is way slower than intel for the ASUS.are there better options? it goes for around 30k.
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asus is overated, for lite stuff get a lenovo. it has superior entertainment than asus. asus gets good if you fork out over 100k otherwise any other laptop will do

yaani bado watu wako duo core processors???at least get a 3-4th gen core i3 if you’re on a tight budget…bought a core i3 Toshiba c50 last year for 37,000 for all my movie and porn needs

A Lenovo pc has malware if you can uninstall it go ahead but celeron processors are quite bogus

why do people thing hats core I3 and I5 are not dual processors? even 3rd and 4th Gen processors have dual processors. Its all bout the technology that’s bumped up, there are quad cores that are faster and perform better than some Core I5 in stress tests. There is more to processors than the generation, speed and the number of cores a chip has.

Btw Celeron is an Intel product, lest some of you thought other wise

Lenovo ni pesa ngapi?

Dell does it for me. Superior battery if not anything else.

Performance of a computer system depends on the whole infrastructure and the microprocessor is just a small part of the whole thing. And this i5, i7, blah blah is just marketing if you never knew. People trying to convince you that you must keep buying new stuff and more new stuff. Why does my dual core laptop work well after having done 5 years. In fact, I have tried to find a reason to change to the newer models but it does better than them in graphics, keyboard quality, sound quality. only that its a little bit heavier that the newest of PCs.

Why should you buy a xperia z2 then z3 after six months and then again z4 almost at the same time just because you dont want to hear that there is someone with a z4 when you got a z3 or you got an iphone 5 while someone has iphone 5s??
There is nothing new that has been added to PCs since 16:9 screen and windows7. only changing names and “new technology” to keep you buying electronic junk.


@Ingia for IPhone it’s a different story, they dnt support old models. Guys hia need a through education on hardware as they are conned their hard earned money. You only upgrade if you need the technology and this mostly goes to video editors, gamers and engineers as their application evolve and need more power.

new processors come with integrated graphics cards which older processors didn’t have…

True, it’s like a race to have the latest gadget, to outdo one another. Kinda dumb and electronics companies are very happy. iPhone users line up like they’re voting for Obama to update year old phones.

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Integration means Less for more of your money bro if you at all know what is integration.
Higher integration could be a low cost/design advantage to the manufacturer as opposed to having a dedicated card for every device. Even if that’s a selling point, how does it benefit you as an end user?? Its a disadvantage to you. And how much is worth buying a new computer just to have integrated graphics?? Integration comes with poor quality output and fragile and irreparable systems.

In any case high scale integration is never that much advantageous to the user save for the compactness and probably saving a fraction of a watt in power.

how can it be less for more and I only spent 37,000??so according to your reasoning I should go back to a Pentium II !!

@junkie, i have also seen that option for 37k but bear in mind its core i3 with only 1.7GHZ, so its still a let down.overall, intel pentium duo core haina difference juu its around 2.1 - 2.4 GHZ

si then you go for Acer Aspire E1. Has an AMD quad core processor.