#PunchLine: Wambungu Ngunjiri on Uncle Uilliam

But ajue Riweriwaro Uncle Ulliam twendy22 statehouse[ATTACH=full]260398[/ATTACH]

Meanwhile, WSR is the only Jubilee member daily involved in the activities that formed the backbone of the Jubilee manifesto. He is all over Kenya opening projects and connecting mudhuts to the grid.

Kassin, you’re getting sucked into nonsense talk. “Tiger Bone” is exactly what it says - chewed and spit out.

Better that than to applaud that Babamidget.

By the way Dayday the new Matiba went to church to apologize for his unruly behavior. Surprised the apology didn’t warrant a thread.

Slow down kijana mzee. Who the fuck is babmidget?

Standards have really sunk to below freezing points… Ati matiba.


Yaani yaani all jubilee mpigs, senyetors and governors can think of is fighting wsr??

how many are all?

Should i know?

hata mimi sijui

Uncle @spear kuja saidia fossil

hapo unataka kuambiwa wote wako nyuma ya uncle…

It’s like uhuru wanted his agenda defeated in mt Kenya. I mean are there more unlikable fellas than

they thought ruto would be easy to betray

Most youthful winners in Central would have bee rigged out by the old politicians who were more indebted to dynastic cartels. Ruto stepped in during nomination chaos and steered the party through the rough and destroyed the plotters’ plans.
Maina Kamanda a perfect example. His bitterness is deep, but not stronger than the tenacity of the young leaders and their voters.

he was the bigger man. Now if only ka murder would follow suit

Ngunjiri had been a vocal NASA adherent and columnist in one of the dailys until late 2016, it’s just that he is now back to default settings.

Do you have any evidence or it’s what spear told you

Pfffft do you listen to yourself? Don’t be so surface oriented…go deeper. Do you know what it means to taste someone like food? Mtafune pole pole feel the texture, where it hits the roof of your mouth. Pause. Spit out the bones and then judge.