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So this weekend once more once again Heavy weight boxing is coming back to the light . Anthony Joshua (the new Iron Mike ) is fighting the french from cameroon Carlos Takam just because the the scheduled fighter Kublat Pulev got an injury 12 days to the fight , live from Cardiff Wales on skysports HD . here i can predict our boy AJ KOing the guy in the third round , long live AJ .

on the other side of the Ocean my second most favorite boxer The bronze bomber aka 37 KOs of his last 38 fights , Deontay Wilder is facing Bermane Stiverine this is after the scheduled opponent Luiz Ortiz tested positive for banned substances . live on HBO ppv from New york . here i see our boy Wilder KOing the opponent in the sixth round
then next year Wilder vs Joshua will be the fight of the millennium

UFC fight night 119 will also be underway .



Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux naitegea tege tege hio Dec… But it will be a walk-in-the-park for Vasyl…Kijana muoto kuruka…

itakuwa noma sanaa

Uwesmakei kwani hakuna video ya TMP akikupugilist vinoma?

Vipi mujinga?

niko ngangari scumpaka huyu dada yako nimemwambia hakuna pahali anaenda kesho

Tupige kura kesho halafu twende tukaresist ama vipi?

Takam will suffer 1st or 2nd round KO. I watched him and he is class Molina or Charles martin. 10 rounds is just not possible.
Another interesting fight is between Dillian whyte and helenius, unfortunately on the undercard.
I rate Whyte better than Deontay and he has a resume to back it up. Deontay Wilder wont fight Whyte for $2m(more than he’s ever seen) because he wont risk losing title for less than a jackpot. he wants a payday in a joshua fight even if he gets knocked out. He wont fight Breazeale too because the guy is dangerous and took joshua 7 rounds. let me see how he handles that stivern guy. He will eventually end up being trashed by a nobody.

i disagree he is the only one capable of taking out AJ .

Let him fight a good fighter not playing around with fat people and old men.
If he’s so good why has he never made a million dollars. Because he cant fight reputable people.