Public Service Annoucement

In one week time we will be heading back to @#Home
Akina Festus, zebedee, Max, Muiyoro na wengine wa mbisha kama jeff williams, wakuget hurted kama john gachoroge na walio kuwa wamemiss crazy dudes updates za State house … know we coming back soon 12th is the date for klist to be back online.

Analogue…change is inevitable

Will have to see it to believe it. Kama ni @Supu don angekuwa anasema hivi ningeamini. Haithuru, i would happily go back to KList just as a mark of respect to the Late Wanderi.

@Ka-Buda ishi kuamini @Supu don. But me.niamini ikirudi

So.are you bringing it back kutoka where it was paused ama is all the data lost and you are starting afresh?

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…if u bring in all the data it wl b great since the person who can get all that data is adamant to share but without jimmy it wnt b the same…it wl be just a bonoko klist bt i wld gladly sign in if i get all my previous privilages…:slight_smile:

Thank goodness. these grayscale tones have been driving me nuts to the point of almost taking that rope n doing the deed

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watching you closely and hoping you get all the data back.

I hope mods watakuwa reasonable kama wa hapa la sivyo hatubanduki

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He he, you of all the people? You remember you said just the other day all your handles had been banned the day it went under?

Hehe…I understand the grief, but for majority others I suppose this place is better?

I can only go back if am guaranteed Uwesmake won’t be there.

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Watu wanapanganga nyingi za klost… Mods were stupid and am not saying akina @Supu don na @aviator lakini hata huku I thought some men won’t have ma bitch feelings lakini sisemi akina @ol monk , @Deorro

Ma post may not see the light of day…

change is the only constant thing. klist was the best…there will never be another klist like the Jimmy klist, that much i know. ktalk is okish…still a slum but ok.

manki chunga sana vile unaongea…i never deleted anybody’s listings and I REPEAT NEVER maybe for only one mongoose but you were still a monkey then why would jakenya do that? klist made ktalk, take that to the bank.

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boss sii hii beef yote iliisha? dont use the side mirrors soo very often…