Public Notice

Some people will hate a man for anything. Then think their hate digs a crater in the man’s heart. Indeed, for some it does. Just not me. Neither do keyboard warrior threats and messages.

If you hate me and want me 6 feet under, that’s your problem. If you have the power to send me 6 feet under, that’s my problem.

You may find me naive, obnoxious, simple minded, wanna be, stupid or whatever, the world wasn’t mean’t to be full of those with traits defined by the antonym of what you think I am. And for me, every yard stick is relative. Relative to the understanding of the person on the other side of the pointing stick.
I have my own political leanings which I isht you not, am a serious hardliner. Which is why I kinda like to keep them to myself. I also possess a degree of restraint and respect that has helped me stay out of trouble for a while now.

  • I Respect Rank. I will salute your rank because after-all, you hold it. Doesn’t matter how many people you ferked over to get it, I respect Rank first. Rank acts as “First Impression” to me. Everything else later

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]- Liking your stuff doesn’t mean I like you. And not liking you doesn’t mean I hate you. It’s not a black and white array of feelings. Indifference too is there besides more others. I just don’t hate people completely. And you can’t be all bad because not everyone hates you. So I try to find the things other people like you for.

In short, If you like me, cheers to life, if you don’t, get the power to make me worry about what you could do to me then I’ll respond accordingly.

I love you baby

Elder nani huyo amekukosea hadi ukaandika poem?? Chunga hapo juu msupako atawaexpose

sijasoma hio umama umeandika . lia ulale

Whenever I read a post like this I usually give a talker this form to fill and submit to @admin n his minions


I also poke my nose where its unwanted and tell them that its not a dikc measuring contest…


And if it was a contest,I tell them to pick their position and keti pale ---------->.




Very gay. Ain’t it?

Sasa ng’ombe mujinga @uwesmake ?

niko ngangari mungich

Ulienda Nesalantsi na hukuja na efidense? Kwani uko how?

@Antonio Mascaro nini mbaya…

umenena kama Village Chiefs kumi

mteso niaje.

mteso niaje

Khunisumbua mgishu

Mteso ni wewe

Title zitafutwe bila watu kusumbua