Public Demand THE MAID Episode 26,27&28

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The Maid
Episode 26

Ilikuwa nikama drama ,nikaa video thing~it was like a drama or a video.Simon entered his room and he started undressing, he removed his shirt and trouser and he was left with just a vest and a Short,he danced a little as he admired his already erect machine.I could tell he was waiting Monica with anticipation. He jumped on the bed and made some jogging before dropping on the bed and doing some aerobics. “People do nasty things when they are alone in a room”, I told myself as I enjoyed the drama.He then dropped on the bed to get some rest,as breathed heavily, it is while relaxing like that Monica pushed the door and entered in the room.“Surprise!”,Monica teased Simon as she raised her dress up and revealed to Simon her pink pantie.Simon smiled like he had just won a sportspesa mega jackpot opening his mouth and eyes wide open.He just stared at Monica who stood before him as she started to undress making some romantic moves.Monica was wearing a T-shirt and a black mini skirt.She removed her T shirt then reached for her bra,unhooked it from her shoulders ,rotated it infront and unhooked it dropping them down on the floor seductively. She reached for her skirt zip and pulled it down,loosening her miniskirt at the waist which made it slither down her thighs as Simon salivated with lust.She was left with just a pink pantie when she got closer to Simon who was lying on the bed helplessly, she bent gently and gave him a passionate French kiss that left Simon licking his lips as Monica reached for his short and loosed its button unzipping it as she pulled it down all the way to the toes dropping it on the floor. Simon had no boxer,I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…Simon’s cork was twice Stanley’s dingdong in length ,the thickness was almost equal to that of Stanley’s but Simon’s dick looked mightier.Monica got on top of the bed and started riding Simon’s cork,carresing it gentle,stroking it up and down as the nigga breathed hard,producing some moaning sounds that I hard not hard before.Monica lowered her mouth and licked it with her tounge gently before swallowing the dick halfway.I could not believe this was my boss lady doing all this.

She continued enjoying the dick as she gently caressed Simon’s crotch,the boy child could not help but moan,I could tell he was really enjoying the rythym.The dick became hard erect such that I could literally see its veins bulging outside crossing each other as they supplied blood in each and every conner of the penis.
After like 15minutes of pleasure it was Simons turn to return a sweet revenge,he pulled Monica upward with his legs and kissed her lips before turning her gently and they swapped the positions,He kissed Monica lips gently as he carressed her already erect nipples.He paused as he removed his vest,then gently pulled out Monica’s already wet pantie throwing it away.I loved Simon’s biceps and his broad chest full of meet,since he stopped drinking alcohol and started doing some workouts he had transformed to become some sort of a bouncer.

He continued enjoying Monica lips as he caressed her breasts, teasing her nipples with his fingers,it was Monica turn to give out some screams,this bitch was really enjoying Simons magic hands.The boy child dropped down there and started doing the Real men tradition, he settled at her clit and magically rolled his tongue on the clit as she fingered her honeypot with his middle right hand finger,the girl was really enjoying as she made some oohs and aahs sounds due to pleasure. “Fuck me now please simon ,penetrate me deep inside ,destroy that pussy beb its all your swry”, the girl child begged.Who was simon to defy her boss lady orders.Monica opened his thighs wide open ready to receive her request as simon gently pushed himself inside the well ready to quench the thirst that their fundamentals were experiencing,he penetrated her deep inside and to my surprise almost a quarter of the dick remained outside,Simon was surely blessed with a good machine.

He started pumping her like crazy as Monica cried like a small baby,she was not on this world but somewhere in cloud 9 speaking in tongues with residents there.Simon moans were like that of a lion who have just realized an intruder.They fucked relentlessly as Simon pumped the boss lady with vigor,I even got horny myself when I saw Simon’s dick slither in and out of Monica honeypot and I felt jealous for her." I think I will need to ride this thing too",a thought crossed my mind.The boy child withdrew his Dingdong and signaled her boss to make some turn,Monica turned and lied with his stomach, simon pushed his dick in and entered her from behind ,Monica screamed and Simon moaned as he at times ,slapped Monica’s butt gently with his hands making her scream even more as he screwed her from behind.Suddenly Monica made one last scream dropping on the bed helplessly like if she just fainted,the boy child too opened his eyes as he trembled and ejaculated deep inside Monica’s thing.He dropped beside her and you could think both of them were dead,I just smiled and kissed my camera,soon I was going to make some bucks

The Maid
Episode 27

After two weeks…
Monica’s leave is over and she resumes back to work .Jade is doing his KCPE.
Its on a Tuesday Morning, the school was going normal as usual,Jade and her sisters goes to school.Monica too prepares herself and reports back to work.Stanley is still sleeping.The day is very promising and the outside is full light coming from the sun that is rising from the East.Am busy mopping the house.

Suddenly someone slaps my buttock from behind.Its Stanley ."Hey Darling, how was your night"I greet him seductively in a manner suggesting… I give him a tight hug followed by a sweet French kiss,His dick erects immediately my breasts press his chest ,I can see he wants to fuck me badly and I want him too for my own reasons.He caresses my butt with his hands in that standing position. I fake a sweet feeling ,I smile and rests my head on his chest.He seems to enjoy the feeling…but deep inside me I hate him,I feel like vomiting, I feel the urge to punish him,Yes I know am not his wife,I also know its not his problem but the Viagras he is taking,his libido is becoming too much,sleeping with every Bitch he comes across, this dude will finish us,he will finish his wife,he will finish his son ,this family needs redemption before its too late.
I pull him with my hands and she follows me like the way the dog follows it owner to my bedrooms. I undress him as he undresses me,in a flash we are both naked,kissing and caressing is the business at the moment.Its the last time this nigga is fucking me.I wish he knows that,he would choke me to death.

I push him to the bed and he drops like helpless lamb ready to be slaughtered. I caress his dick as he moans like an idiot, it looks red hot erect with veins bulging out side,He turns me ,licks my nipple,eats my lips ,rolls his tongue on my clit ,I make screams not for pleasure but for bitterness. My mums words echo in medulla"Men will take advantage of you to just use and dump",…ooh my God.Its like my mum was a overseer.

I look at Stanley eyes deep inside ,he looks like a monster ready to attack.His Dingdong facing me like a calobosta ready to fire and destroy an alshabaab camp.My body shakes and trebles ,he thinks its due to pleasure but no ,I fear this monster,the fear of contracting a virus ,a Virus that may turn my life into a misery,but I have to do this atleast for my own gain,I pray and assume he is still negative…life is all about risks and you also learn from the experiences.Stanley pushes himself inside me without caution and penetrates me ,am not well lubricated though ,its a little bit painful but I just smile and let him do his business, he pumps me like a bull servicing a cow,he seems to enjoy the rythmn ,I scream to make him feel like a king ,he increases the vigor.

He pumps and pumps and pumps me ,thrusting in and out moaning like a charging lion.This demon is not ejaculating ,whats wrong with him today but I know a trick,a trick to make him cum faster,I raise my hips and make some round movement’s as he pumps me…two minutes down the line the boy child is Cumming,His body shaking and trembling, he raises his eyebrows and his mouth opens wide,“ooh shit, beb am cuming”,he shouts like a mad person. He chokes me pressing my body so hard on the bed,He ejaculates deep inside as he drops beside me breathless.“ooh fuck that was sweet”,he mutters before a nap catches him and he sleeps a little. I turn my eyes around and I just wish my camera has recorded something nice.I may not have education but God blessed me with brains .Am becoming smart ,my life is just about to take a turn,a turn that I don’t really know what it will bear but am ready for it…

I leave him on bed and refreshes myself in the bathroom,When am done my boss is steal snoring, Sleeping like a baby who have just been breastfed by the mother.I shake him,'Beb you will be late for work", I tell him.He wakes up and yawns as he stretches his body ,He picks his clothes and disappears to their bedroom.I reach for my camera puts a pause and saves the fucking video,I put it on my bag and leave to the dining room. A few minutes later he is on the dining room I serve him tea and mkate ,I serve myself too and sit beside him as we sip tea from our cups.Our eyes met and we both smile,“Grace you rock”,Stanely tells me smiling winking at me.“what about Monica your wife”,I ask him.Atleast I need to know how he thinks of her.“she is no sweeter than yo, infact she is no longer in mood of sex,she complains tired everytime I make a move”,Stanley tells me looking sad.But I no longer believe men anymore,They will say anything when you are together so that they can have your sympathy. What he doesn’t know is that his gateman has been drinking in his well that’s why the levels of water has gone down.“Thanks Stanley for the money you gave me,the lawyer has already the case”,I tell him trying to change the topic,I don’t like it anyway,his face brightens up.“anything for you gal “,he says as he stands to leave…I hug him and wishes him a good day.I peep through the window as he reverses his car and drives away…” I will need some money soon”,I talk to myself as I watch Simon close the gate.
I head to the bedroom to watch an afrosinema that I have just recorded…

The Maid
Episode 28

I pushed the door quickly and entered my bedroom. I removed the camera Immediately from my bag where I had put it,curiosity was killing this girl child. I was very happy to watch a home Porn Video between me and Stanley.The naivity in me was now long gone,I was feeling a woman.A smart woman for that matter.I needed to change my life and change it for good.I needed a transformation,I felt the urge to make more money and live big like other independent women out there and make a fortune,but the means to reach my goals was not going to be the usual way,after all means was not important but the End result mattered to me most .
I decided to become arrogant and stubborn to both Stanley and Monica. I was not going to give my honeypot to Stanley again!Nobody was going to take me for granted just because I was a maid.I was going to stay firm and with principles.
I went to the bathroom and looked myself to the mirror, i felt very proud of myself,“am going to use what I got to get what I don’t have”,I told myself.

It was on Thursday noon when Jade came home from school. He was very happy,having completed his KCPE exams.He came directly to me and hugged me tight ,“at last Grace am done with primary school,am so happy”,he told me as he kissed my chin.“Congratulations my dear”, I told him smiling as I withdrew the from the hug.I was surprised to see his Dingdong was already erect pushing his school short outward.I laughed like mad person ,“Jade what’s wrong with you”,I asked him pointing as his dick.He smiled shyly turning to leave holding his machine with both hands.I knew he always admired me and sometimes I would catch him off guard staring me lustfully. But I had decided to deny him sex.No way I was going to sleep with dad and son at the same time in the same house.I always felt bad when it happened.
But Stanley had turned to be greedy,laiding every woman he came across.I was there not ready to die young due HIV.

I looked at jade as he left he was becoming a handsome young man,I noticed he had become relatively tall and his shoulders were becoming broad.I admired him being the one who broke the virginity of my honeypot, I somehow liked and respected the young man.

Later she came over to dining table and I served him lunch.“Grace you have been good to us,especially me,I will surely miss you when I go to high school”,Jade told as he ate his food.“Thanks but I will not stay here forever, I need also to better myself and do something else better with my life”,I answered him.“Do you have a plan of leaving us soon?”,he asked me looking me directly in the eyes.“Yes ,I won’t stay long may be by mid next year I will be gone”,I told him,he looked sad and his face changed.“By the way Jade am so sorry for teaching you bad manners”,I told him smiling,he looked at me attentively. “Mad manners?”, he asked me like if wanting more clarification about what I meant with bad manners." Yes, having sex with you was wrong,reason being am older than you with 3 good years, second, your are in school and you should not engage in sex activities,you should concentrate with education first then other things will follow later",I told him politely as he listened keenly. After I was done,he laughed uncontrollably until he got chocked with food.“Grace you have now become a counselor eeh,sex is meant for pleasure,and I always feel good when am having it,there is no way am going to stop having sex,You would be helping me if you could be telling me to use a condom whenever I have sex but telling me to stop having sex…hahahah…never.”,I could not believe the words were coming out of boy child who have just finished his KCPE."OK jade, suit yourself but you will never have my pussy again,I promise you.“Hahahah, Grace!,you think I don’t know?”,Jade suddenly asked me.If felt chills of fear cross my spine as I wondered what was this Jade knew about me.“What do you know”,I asked him trying to compose myself.“I know you have been having sex with my dad and that’s why you no longer want to have sex me with me again”,he told me directly not stammering even a word.“Does it mean this boy has been spying on me?how and where did he see me having sex with his dad and I have never done it while they are home”,I wondered.

“Jade do you want me to tell your dad what you have just said”,I told him sounding angry though I knew he was talking the truth." Yes tell him,when he comes but I know its true in fact am going to tell mum today when she arrives from work ,I have done enough homework",Jade told me as he stood to leave from dining table to go to his bedroom ,I followed him.I was not ready for this not at least now,I needed sometime to milk Stanley some money before embarking on my mission ,a mission that would change my life."Jade ,you say I have been sleeping with your dad ,do you have any prove?how can you even say something like that!“I asked him fuming when I entered in his bedroom.He reached his box and opened it,he removed a small camera,here is my evidence, I fixed this camera in your bathroom so that I can be seeing your nakedness as you take shower.Fortunately, the day my dad fucked you in the bathroom it recorded”,Jade told me smiling.
“If you don’t believe me let me show you a this clip”, jade told me as he searched and played the video.I could not believe it when I saw Stanley mounting me in a standing position,holding my buttocks as I inter hooked my legs from behind.

Jade paused the video," If you don’t want me to share this video with mum,just do me a favour, I need sex and more sex during this holiday ",Jade told me with a lot of pride.I wondered how he even thought of doing such a thing at his age.He was now blackmailing.

" Its OK, I will do as you say Jade,don’t bust me to your mum,I will cooperate",I told the boy child who was all smiles as i talked.I stood to leave but Jade held my hand and pulled me close to him,"This favour starts here and now…he pushed me on the bed and came over me…
•To be continued>>>>

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