Pub review...the grill park nax vegas!

If you are driving then this place got lots of parking space and car wash, the place is more of a family place than a serious rave joint! The spacious family play area makes it a two in one where mama watoto can drink delmonte and watch the youngins play while you catch a beer and a game on the monster screen! The place is really huge complete with live bands on occasions. The jacaranda trees that have shade their purple flowers create a peaceful ambience ukiwa nje. However it’s proximity to the highway posses a great risk kwa wale walevi wenye zao zikilipuka wanaamka na kwenda! Being knocked down by a car is a chance you have to take . Slay queens are all over. I would definitely recommend for travellers and families on road trips!
Pros; spacious and killer pork
Cons; Expensive alcohol all beers 250

captain hii ni rifle gani AP wanabeba siku hizi ?


Picture not clear but inakaa FN scar long barrel! FYI not a captain

Wewe nakutambua kama mzito, lakini kwani ulimalaysia ile thread ya library, bhang and alcohol?
I downloaded this image nikirudi kucomment the thread was gone.

sawa colonel ? brigadier ?

Hiyo pub ina malaya?

Private…the lowest rank!

Haiwezi kosa ni juu hawawezi andika kwa uso “Mimi ni maraya”


Hehe juzi niliona wimin Fulani ame tweet ati empty bottles sio trophies nikacheka tu…this are scars of battles won !

Scar variant?

hehe Hauwezi kuwa private, probably a major or lt colonel, hiyo kazi nilikuwa nimependa sana hadi nimefika lanet for interviews but hii Kenya you have to grease some hands

@imei2012 was a private back in klost, I think he posted some thread awhile back on his big promotion

nilikuwa nadhani ni fn scar na magazine ya AK


Thanks for this…born and bred in nakuru but of late I run out of options when looking for a family friendly spot.

Hio magazine inakaa plastic unaona through.


she was right, you know…

Enda Sebs Club (on a Thursday night) na ulete review