Psst !wee mchawi, niaje?

chukua cover mtu yangu nairobi si kenya Obizzle ako mta na crew yake nai ni lockdown. Jiandikishe haraka upesi ama maboy wa Obizzle wafanye target practice na huto tumakei twako. sema tu present kama umepita

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the night is still young… a lot of night running and bar hopping still to be done

phew! for second there I was worried gava ilifagia chokosh na night runners. karibu ndugu

Tuko hapa. Tupewe kupewa. Karii kii

tuko area tu na chewing gum na flavoured water

Hiyo title…hehehe!

Niaje @mabenda4…uliona huko nje bila kijiji aje?

Wapi uweskamau akuulize uko how old?

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lol I’ve never clicked this url before but I had nothing else to do and I’m still too wired up to sleep. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D look at this word salad from admin ya’ll

[I][SIZE=6]Welcome Note (Please read)[/SIZE]

Welcome note

I would like to welcome you to KenyaTalk. KenyaTalk is not a community which aims at changing you, think of it as a place where you can be yourself.These are the four pillars that kenyatalk stands by and what we offer our members.
[SIZE=4]Sense of belonging.[/SIZE]

Ktalk strives to get members to feel they are somewhere where they belong. The real irony of communities is they don’t change members. Ktalk is simply a place where members can finally be themselves – more individualistic.Ktalk members are provided security and the feeling of being included as a member of a group.

[SIZE=4]Mutual support[/SIZE]

Ktalk provides and environment where members can receive support from others with the power to give such support. This environment helps people handle major life problems or open up new opportunities such as jobs and provide resources that members otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

[SIZE=4]Greater influence[/SIZE]

Ktalk provides a platform for greater influence.Knowing they are participating in a group that has a bigger influence than they alone could have. High levels of self-efficacy and self-worth. Ktalk also allows members to have more influencer over other people.


Ktalk also allow members to explore things with each other they previously wouldn’t have been able to. New ideas, resources, experiences are shared and discussed leading to crowd accelerated innovation.

[SIZE=5]Please join us in making the community better[/SIZE][/I]

Can I explore some things with you Nefertities?

@Mathice it seems you already have the “High levels of self-efficacy and self-worth” admin was talkin’ 'bout :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Present!..and with a serious hangover boner. @Nefertities saidia tafasali;).

@Electronics4u lol I have my own hangover to deal with. Check through your stock. If you don’t have any electronics that can help with your … uh … situation, then its okay to walk around with your boner. @admin says “The real irony of communities is they don’t change members.” :D:D:D:D:D


Daaamn! Too bad for me…no toys around…:mad::mad: but…waira minute…
I got arimis! (dancing kimshawi)


I like that. :wink: