Pseudonym: My Inamorato's Wrath

After my escapade with Lester on the 14th floor, I made myself scarce.I even left Nairobi earlier than i had planned and fled back to the coast. I wanted to forget the arrogant man and my wantonness. I wanted to escape but the thoughts of him popped up in my head more often than not,leaving me restless and excited,making me curse myself . He called me, but i retained an aloofness in all conversations and declined any meeting. Then the calls stopped…a month went by…Three months went by and I lied to myself that I was relieved.

One saturday afternoon my phone rung .I was driving back from town and I automatically pressed accept on my bluetooth.

“Hallo Pseudonym?” I gasped, That voice … I could never forget it, but oddly enough it was warm and kind.

“Lester? Is that really you”[/I]… I laughingly asked.

He laughed back and affirmatively replied.

[I]“It’s been awhile pseudo,I am in your town for business come over to my hotel and we have a drink and an argument for old times sake.”


It was a boring day anyway, I was done with work and I was heading home for a nap or a movie.

He gave me directions and luckily the hotel was roughly ten minutes from my house and I had the time for a quick shower and a change of clothes.Within twenty minutes I had pulled up at voyager and found Lester sitting outside his suite’s balcony with an unopened whiskey, waiting for me.

The hug was awkward at first, I wanted to pull back from this man who was wearing slacks and a light shirt with two buttons undone,but he pulled me closer and my body melded into his…gods he felt so good, his scent was suffocating me and I was once again getting caught up in a vortex of something I could not control. He tilted my head up and kissed me harshly,claiming me once again.Suddenly we were inside the suite,He closed the sliding glass doors and pressed me on the wall. I looked at his eyes and I swear I saw fire burn in the obsidian orbs as he lowered his head to claim my lips in a brutally devastating kiss.I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him in closer.He disengaged my hands firmly and put them on my sides.

“You thought you could escape me” … He stated with a self assured air.

“I did.” I replied with confidence I did not feel.

Anger sparked between us for an instant and he kissed me once more. What was it about this man that made me want to hit him and ferk him at equal lengths? I could not tell…But my anger was slowly waning as my soft lips enjoyed the kiss…I gave myself to him and I felt a smile on his lips.He had me.His hands went underneath my tee shirt and caressed my tummy going upwards, cupped my boobs and I let out a moan as their warmth went through my lacy bra and hardened my nipples.

“Beautiful,” He whispered…as he rubbed them and made me swell with desire. He pulled my tee shirt off and stepped back to take in my belted capri shorts and bra. His eyes lingered on my shorts … His hands reached out for my belt and unclasped it.

“I think you have been a bad girl pseudonym”[/I]…He said as he slowly removed the belt from the hooks with malicious intent.My lips curved in a smile

“Have I sir?”[/I] I coyly asked .

“Yes.”…He replied as he dropped my belt and unbuttoned my button and his finger traced my panty line and I trembled with anticipation of what those fingers were going to do to me. I had no idea what this arrogant man had in store as he removed his own belt and unhooked it in one pull and led me to the bed… “You need to be punished”….My shorts followed suit on the floor with our belts.

Lester led me to the bed and laid me down and opened the bed side dresser and pulled out a tie.

“Give me your hands!” [/I]He ordered. I obediently held them out to him He held my hands and kissed each wrist and bound them.

“Lester?”[/I] I asked …

“Shh…you will enjoy this. I promise.” [/I]He said with a trace of softness in his voice.

After binding my wrists ,he stretched my hands over my head and bound them to the head board .I looked at him,my excitement marching his.He traced a finger down my arm’s length slowly and goosebumps popped on my skin.He bent over and kissed my eyes,lips,neck,cleavage ,popped my titties from the bra and kissed the hard tips and his hand traveled further down to the top of my panties and gently rubbed my pussy mound …Ah gods…fire shot up from my cunt and I lifted up my hips begging for more contact with this hand,

“Lester”…I called his name with need.

“Not yet my wench…not yet.” [/I]He replied.

He pulled out two more ties and smiled…my heart beat faster as he took each ankle,kissed it and tied it to the bed posts.He stood up and looked at me spread-eagled ,pulled off his shirt and pants and knelt between my legs.

His hands caressed my body again He bent over and took my nipples in turn into his hot mouth. And his hands caressed my inner thighs, my pantie line and I ached with desire ,wishing the torture to stop…it did not.His hand cupped my pussy . And his mouth claimed mine ,his tongue snaked in and out my mouth gently,and he bit my lower lips deliciously I tried raising my hips but he firmly held me down and chuckled .And finally he slid my panties to one side and slid his finger inside my dripping wet cunt. The shock and pleasure hit me and I let out a loud moan.Relief and desire flooded me.

“Is this what you want?” He asked as his finger went in and out slowly.

Damn this man! “…Yes” . I barely whispered.

He pulled his finger out abruptly making me gasp a protest and looked at me .

“Yes please, Sir.”…I tried once more.

He smirked,“ferk him!,” I thought… but once again his finger was giving me pure bliss…

I was his captive and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I begged my captor to give me more as my juices dripped and his thumb found my clit and rubbed it too. I tried to hold back but I couldn’t I screamed out his name

“Yes. Cum for me pseudonym.”[/I] And I did.I let out more cum all over his fingers as he worked on me faster and I moaned and twisted my hips. Finally the storm calmed a bit and he bent down and licked my juices…It felt so sensual and sweet that I wanted to hold his head down there but my hands were tied.

He straightened up and I saw his rock hard erection popping on his boxers He slid them down and I gasped as I took it in with my eyes .His dick was throbbing .

"I think you are ready for your punishment now,pseudonym." He calmly said with amazing self control .

Fear and excitement gripped me because I could have sworn his dick looked bigger.

Huyu lester ni mwenye office iko hadi na bathroom next to a couch na bado kuna window mnaona nairobi yote?

msuri sana,

@pseudonym unajua kuna watu wako job?

I got home an hour ago…oops
Kwani unalipwa overtime.?:wink:

I have written my self

ok…kwani unajilipa overtime?:slight_smile:

He he mbeca ikiingia ya kukula pizza lol na kununulia boys nguo ya Christmas nitaona kama nimelipwa overtime

Namunasena boy child hajaribu munamuanika Kilimani mums.
Malizia hekaya

Mhhh Mhhh Mhhh maji…maji priss…

Throbbing, niko kwa barabara going back to the Friary.

I had to take a “coomercial” break.:oops::oops:
plus I thought the post will be too long…

Free yourself from the bondage of flesh…pun intended.

:D:D:D:D but its a good hekaya. Have you considered yourself writting a romantic novel or poem? You qualify.

Poems ziko na @Meria Mata .
Book is halfway through. I hit a block and for now the hekayas keep me busy.

Great. Even though you met an obstacle, am sure you will complete the book one day God’s willing and distribute them to the book shops or Writting a book is not easy. Keep up the spirit.

Nice hekaya, I may have missed it, was he also a Nilote? Answer this one so that we know which fever you got, there is Jungle fever for the whiteys

heheheheh… Western Kenya.

vile slay queen anaangalia hii boner imeform, ngojeni apike halafu tuanze Praise and whoreship

WiFi finally connected, @admin tokelezea and take over, hii kazi siwes lakini noogle uwes is banned till he posts pic ya quadrijoint na gibleys