Pseudonym: Mother of Dragons.

Hi ya’ll.
Finally the GOT merchandise has landed.
We haven’t shipped the Jackets in yet . The political atmosphere is not conducive for business at the moment.

Key chains: 800/=
Pendants : 2000/=
[ATTACH=full]128855[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128856[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128857[/ATTACH]
The dragon on the left is a glow- in- the -dark type.
Plain pendant without a chain 650/=

My favorite. The valyrian steel blade, House Tarly’s ‘Heartsbane’.
And Drogon,Rhaegal and Viserion roled in one, lying on my bosom making me feel like the mother of dragons.

Definitely getting one.

Will get a key ring to promote a talkere biz.
Tupatane kwa inbox

I love that bosom.


Kuna two Rig drivers saa hii wanatafuta locashen yako na ubaya

Naeza ata wawekea my GPS location. Hiyo bosom mpaka niwekelee kichwa.

Ukifanyiwa corraboreshen utajua haujui

:oops: focus on the pendant.

Mbele iko sawa.

sorry, cunt relate…

Good afternoon brother



:D:D:D Good stuff!

[INDENT]Its called sales and marketing…;)[/INDENT]

Do you have dragon ankle bracelets.can you try them on your legs so that I see how they look like? Please I beg …please …

I love this, them!

The bossom is not for sale :smiley:

:);)Tuk driver you are very quick to clarify…

I have seen others requesting for ankles too… :smiley: