pseudonym gets dominated.

Today I have decided to laze indoors . Nope, not going anywhere… the weather is damn cold and I am quite unlucky because my man is away until December…Sometimes I wonder if his career is worth it. I feel cold,horny and frustrated and sometimes fapping is not enough.

Join me as I take my whiskey .

Let me take you back in time once again and introduce you to an intriguing affair.

I was 25 years old when I first met Lester in a certain real estate forum organized in the coastal city. Afterwards, the guys and I, including Lester, decided to catch a drink at the hotel’s pub and share more pointers.

Lester, dark , an inch taller than me,sexy eyes and a laid back casual look, had a certain self assured gait, laced with a bit of arrogance that I found annoying yet fascinating. As the drinks flowed the topics changed to entertaining ones and I found myself arguing with him about politics all the way to sports. I hated his views and he hated mine equally . Finally we called it a night and I was shocked when he asked for my contacts. We exchanged business cards and said goodbye.

We met severally in some business meets and sort of formed a tentative friendship which always ended up with an argument most times. I was attracted to this man but I kept it well hidden. There was no way In hell I was ever gonna let this arrogant man ever know he had any effect on me.

Sometimes later, Lester shifted his business to Nairobi CBD and he invited me over to see his new office whenever I was in town, It happened that one day I was in Nairobi and decided to give him a call…it was a Saturday afternoon and he invited me over to the office…dude was a workaholic and I wasn’t even shocked to find him alone in his offices.

I got into his office and I was taken aback by the view of Nairobi from the 14th floor. I stood at the glass wall/window and took it all in…the sheer beauty of our lovely capital, he poured me a drink from his mini bar and went back to his desk to finish up a few tasks, cool jazz music played from his system and I day dreamed away for awhile remembering my teenage years at Alliance Française (which I could see from my pivot point)I used to love attending their plays and meeting my friends for coffee at the nearby bistro.

Lester finished his tasks and joined me by the window. He stood very close to me and I realized I had never been alone with him ever since we met. I started backing up from the window but he quickly grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him.

“Where are you running off to smart mouth?” He asked.
"Smart mouth ? " I inquired with indignation and spun around to face him.
" Yes … every time you argue with me I get hard and I get the urge to tame you ." He replied smugly.

Ferk ! I could feel myself getting angry and at the same time a strange excitement was building up.

" Oh? and you are an ass." I replied hotly.

Lester pulled me closer and crushed his lips on mine, A harsh ,demanding kiss and at the same time I could feel his hard dick pressed on me and my body reacted viciously…Darn it, I could no longer resist the fact that I wanted this man .
He pulled off and we gasped for breath.

I needed to get out of here, my traitorous body was already getting hot and I tried to get away once again to no avail. Lester suddenly stood behind me and pressed me to the inner window ledge. I spread my palms on the glass panes to support myself and Adrenalin pumped through me as I thought of an unfortunate scenario of the thick glass breaking and plunging me to certain death. He slowly lifted my dress,caressing my outer thighs as he kissed my neck…He hooked his fingers on my panties and slid them to the floor…desire flooded me as he caressed my bare butt and inner thighs in turn …I could not help myself I needed more…I spread my legs and he chuckled.
" You want me to touch your pussy?" He asked and I moaned as his fingers played near it…darn it, it ached and demanded for attention.
“Say it!” He demanded with harshness that fanned the flames as his hand caressed my pussy lips slightly . I was used to tender loving words while making love and this brutal bad lingo was new to me…It excited me.
“Yes darn it!” I said impatiently.
Suddenly I felt a loud smack and a smarting pain on my ass cheeks! whack! I gasped with shock and indignation.
“Sir…It’s yes sir,say it!” He said…
A moment passed. Anger and lust battled on my mind…" Whack ! Another smack landed and pain and desire rose again.
“Yes sir!” I moaned.
“Good girl…you see what a bit of politeness will earn you?” He continued as his finger found my clit…ah gods, the pleasure of the contact was glorious I trembled and my pussy got wetter.He chuckled again, I smiled…This game was becoming interesting.He rubbed and pinched my clit and I gyrated my hips ,demanding more.

“Is this wetness all for me Pseudonym ?” He demanded.
“Yes sir” I said humbly.
“Naughty girl…I love it” He said with satisfaction and he plunged a finger up my cunt. I screamed with surprise and pleasure as he slowly put it in and out my dripping cunt. Suddenly he pulled me back and bent me over my hands grasped the inner ledge. He caressed the huge expanse of my butt and hips and murmured his approval.

"Don’t move. " He said and I obeyed him. He moved away to grab a condom from his desk and came back.
I could hear as he removed his clothes and as he tore the wrapper of the condom and sheath himself. He grabbed my left hip with one hand and held his dick with the other and rubbed it all over my exposed slit and clit…slowly teasing me.

“Do you want me to put it in?” He asked.
“Yes sir!”.
I gasped and trembled with anticipation.
“Where?” He whispered as his dick played dangerously on my exposed ass hole.
"In my cunt,sir…put it in and ferk me hard please."I begged.
He chuckled in his deep voice. "Good! "

He shoved his dick inside my pussy and ferked me hard.One hand traveled under my bra and cupped my titties carressing and pinching my nipples ,exciting me more as his dick worked in me fast and furiously, I looked at the puny humans way below and the sheer height made me more excited as i grinded my hips matching his hard thrusts as he filled me up deliciously…My orgasm built up and suddenly I was moaning,screaming and trembling as a massive pleasure waves hit me…My knees buckled but Lester held me up .He pounded my cum filled pussy until he had an orgasm of his own. He turned me around and led me to the office settee and I lay there watched his smug face as he cleaned his member and disposed the used condom.I asked him to pass me my black lacy panties which he had discarded on the floor.

“What for? I still need to punish you for your smart mouth.”
But first I have to clean that naughty thing between your legs"He replied arrogantly as he walked towards me.

Damn…I thought…This was turning out to be an interesting evening…

To be continued…

A good read

HOYA nominee…

As always it’s a nice hekaya

Nice read
Sindikiza na mbisha ya kusafisha mecho mashujaa wasimame!

You are an easy lay no wonder you are married and mmn got some.

Sasa Wamafeelings aunde title ya Village Pornographer. :D:D:D


But he had a condom on?

Leo CSI tuko na wewe

Good hekaya tho’:smiley:

Contrary to that… It takes a special kind of person to get my attention. Why do you think I chose him?

In anycase If I did every man who hit on me…I would agree with you.

Kazi yangu ni ya kusafiri mbali for moderate periods of time. I always hope i got a loyal wife

My dear as usual…clap clap.
I’m continually amazed by your ability to embrace your sexuality, you seem to enjoy it a lot. Just curious how do you do it mentally? Whenever I’ve had premarital sex I can’t relax. It’s usually hurried and the guilt is awful awful.
How do you let loose like that? I hope marriage is the answer.

I work alot with Real Estate chaps so I know like 95% of the players. Am thinking about this real estate company in some 14th floor…if its not a fictional hekaya, I will figure out who this ‘lester’ is before end of day.

Nimefika hapo kwa glass window nikaona ni bookmark nitasoma nikifika kejani. Niko mbele ya watu.

I had hit my orgasms… That was my …ahem…juice .Now I am shying away from explaining it.
I always finish writing and then posting and curse the imp who makes me write this. :oops::frowning:

Na usisahau mbisha, infrared, spectral imaging effidence, ‘before the end of the day.’

Ferk. I need a Ferk

Hehehe, kimbia nyumbani ukawashe nduthi.
@pseudonym nimepark Msedes kambu waiting for Pt 2

Its genetic, so its either you can do it or not, sio kubahatisha. You didnt go to school with gals who could bed several guys without guilt, even at a very young age? Its genetic my friend!

mayaghai tiga kunjukithia tuhu