Pseudonym: Caleb's Last Tide.

Talkers, Caleb was gone. I sat there in my room on the cold floor with nothing on but one of his old tee shirt , It was my favorite tee coz he had given it to me. It was his favorite and I still wear it occasionally as much as it has aged now.
(Caleb’s favorite Tee.He wanted to buy a Harley and we had spent lazy afternoons,sprawled in bed, discussing future road trips. I hope @introvert will hook me up with one and I will fulfil this dream on my own.)

I sat there,curled up in a corner, not feeling the cold seep through my ass and I moaned for my man…I cannot recall how long I sat there enduring waves upon waves of crippling pain. I cursed the gods for this mockery! How could the goddess Atropos cut the thread of my Caleb’s life?Overwhelming grief and fury consumed me and my voice was hoarse with screaming,my eyes swollen and my head aching…an almost empty bottle of whiskey lay there besides me…Even alcohol could not numb the pain.

The previous 48 hours continuously played in my mind like a broken record…The awful call made by a good samaritan who had picked up his phone from the mangled wreck of his car and redialed the last call made,My number…Me, rushing to Guru Nanak hospital with my pajamas and an overcoat…The gurney,packed in the narrow corridor with a sheet covering someone, Approaching it and recognizing my gentle giant’s shoe from his dangling foot, The policeman slowly uncovering the sheet and the agony that tore me to shreds when I saw the severely mutilated face of my Nilotic god…Then blackness and finally awakening on a hospital bed. The nightmare played on and on in my head and i whimpered on the floor…I finally crawled into my bed and willed myself to forget him… but i couldn’t.

My thoughts went back to one of the happiest moment we shared two weeks before the grim reaper swung his scythe .Promises had been made. Promises had been broken.

We had gone to Kilifi county for a weekend getaway. One of Caleb’s friend had inherited an old shack from his folks in a secluded place called Roka Maweni. We arrived at dusk , took our supplies from the cars and set up our new humble aboard. Soon we were partying over a campfire under the moonlight,with the sound of the ocean waves crushing on the cliffs…It was a beautiful night. Due to the long drive from Nairobi,we all got tired and retired early.

A gentle shake awoke me early at dawn,it was almost 6 a.m and Caleb kissed my neck and told me to get up.

‘’ Babe wake up…I want to show you something, wear your swimsuit."
I hurriedly woke up and went through my luggage, wore my bikini and tied a sarong wrap. I joined Caleb outside the shack and his eyes lit up as he took in my sight. A cheeky smile played on his lips (and we all know what that means by now)as he took my hand and led me down a rocky,bushy path.

Our pal’s shack was nearly on the edge of a cliff and soon I saw the majestic ocean , dark and calm and gradually the sky lit up ushering a new dawn. We laughed like teens and hurried down the steep rocky cliff and reached an isolated beach.

We took in the awesome sight,gentle waves lapped on our feet and the morning birds chirped above the cliff. Caleb kissed me passionately and I removed his khaki shirt. He dropped his pants and he stood there gloriously naked before me. I took in his majestic sight erect and proud and my blood turned hot with desire.

“Let’s go for a swim!” He proclaimed.

“Are you nuts?” I laughingly asked.

“Nope. I forgot to carry my trunks”.He replied as he untied my sarong and threw it on top of his clothes.

He took my hand and led me into the sea. The water was amazingly warm and after awhile we had reached into a deeper place and the water was just above my waist…Caleb turned me around and I was in his embrace,crushing me to his chest.He slowly kissed my lips, I opened my mouth and the kiss became deeper and hotter. The gentle waves pushed us further into the water and soon I was floating,I wrapped my legs around his waist and I could feel his manhood poking me between my legs. We kissed more, His hands caressed my boobs and he removed them from their harness one by one and played with my nipples…He bent over and took each one in turn into his mouth.,softly sucking and biting them. Pleasure spread through out my body, Sweet Mother of God…I ached for him and pressed his head on my bosom. His hand slowly travelled down and found my pussy , he nudged my flimsy bikini aside and he rubbed my pussy lips and clit in turn , I moaned as I clung on him for my dear life. His dick replaced his hands and he slid it up and down my pussy until I was on the verge of exploding.

" I want you now." I begged him.

And he finally slid inside me…oh the pleasure I felt as he slowly filled me up. His hands cupped my bum and the slight waves helped him Bob me up and down. Our lips met for a kiss as his dick slipped in and out of my cunt,my legs wrapped tightly on his back.My wave of pleasure spiralled up and my body trembled as I exploded in his arms.

“I love you babe” He proclaimed as he reached his climax too.

" I want you to be my wife and the mother of my children." He harshly whispered as he spilled his seed deep inside my womb.

Tears of joy and pleasure rolled down my cheeks and I nodded my head…His fingers reached my clit and rubbed it as he was still inside me and once again I exploded fiercely .

"Yes! Yes!I am yours to have and to hold forever . I shouted to the morning sun.

He held me tight until my tremors subsided…and I lay on his chest as we swam lazily. We went to the shore finally,he dressed up and I tied my sarong and we sat there on the rocky beach making plans as we watched the fishermen come to shore with their catch.
" I will love you forever and a day." He said as we got up and headed back with a big fish for lunch.

I curled in the bed and wailed some more for my dear sweet Caleb. I called my gods to take me to too but they were deaf to my pleas.

Please excuse any errors as I am typing on my phone.

wa kwanza mrembo… sasa slices itakuaje

Good lord you are good!

Bittersweet kabisa… Pole Sana…


Currently downing a neat shot of whisky and crying . Life sucks sometimes.

Yaani ni huzuni ya mahanjam…ChunguTamu…

Weuh!!! I insist such hekayas should be accompanied by picha ya mapaja ata knocked knees inawesmake.

bonum narratio, you are talented.

tits or it’s fertile imagination. [SIZE=1]you can write horny bitch [/SIZE]

I love your hekayas coz you’re very brave. You don’t hold anything back! Caleb sounds like a good man. Is that why you took that road trip those sides? You must miss him dearly but he left you memories to last a lifetime. ;):slight_smile:

Damn! Damn you girl …reading this while at work and just got this mini boner…damn! RIP to your man. Forever gone but never forgotten.

Nilikuwa karibu nikasirike juu ya hiyo Hurley but the nyondo sisters up there calmed me down.
Good writing as usual.

He pumped seamen into you. [SIZE=2]Thank you! Thank you! Im here all week![/SIZE]

Fuckin hell @pseudonym! Bittersweet… good thing you enjoyed every single minute with him.

Hizo @Meria Mata will weka on his version of our hekaya.:D:D

Thank you padre. Now you see why I have a bone to pick with the most high now.

Thanks Marty. I am. Even now I have to get a fix.:oops:

:D:D:D:D:D sasa do not “over quote” me in your gunia if you ever dare draw me.

Usijali. Introvert aki “cantiliver” I will “talk to him nicely” :smiley:


You have a complaint or grievance (with the Most High); a contentious issue to discuss with Him or about Him?.