PS5 DualSense controller has ‘417 hour’ lifespan according to new tests

Watu wa business za PS gaming hub should wait kabla walete PS5s. These controllers break within a few months and on amazon one costs $70.

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Sony’s PS5 DualSense controller issues have been outlined in a new video in which the working lifetime of the hardware is estimated.
In the teardown video by iFixit that was posted recently on YouTube, the DualSense controller is taken apart and its internal workings are exposed in an attempt to apply a fix to worsening drift issues.

The joystick modules used in the construction of the DualSense controller are described as “off the shelf”. This is the same hardware as used by the Xbox Elite controller, which has been known to have similar issues.

Affected users hoping for a quick fix had their hopes dashed by the video, which showed the PS5 controller to have 14 separate solder points that require melting off before the joystick module can be tampered with. There are also haptic motor wires that require a similar process to release.

Using a standard game of Call of Duty: Warzone to estimate the potential lifespan of the £59.99 controller, iFixit estimated the average PS5 DualSense would have around 417 hours of full performance. After this, the hardware would start to degrade, meaning the average player may see issues arising after just a few months.

A US law firm has recently hit Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) with a class-action lawsuit, alleging that the PS5 DualSense controllers are defective due to drift.
It also claims that Sony was reportedly aware of the situation “through online consumer complaints, complaints made by consumers directly to it, and through its own pre-release testing”.

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PS5 hai-make any business sense unless you charge 10 bob per minute. Hiyo kitu ikileta 600 bob per hour inaeza fanya biz. PS3 was the best console for business IMHO. Moderately priced and could use pirated games. Sahii it’s gonna be hard to jailbreak these new consoles. Kwanza wachinku waki-flood market na fake controllers ndio itakuwa ngori. Those fakes are designed to look exactly like the originals but can break in a week. Unaimagine kuspend 7k for an “original” controller (Kenya najua itakuwa 10 to 15k) alafu inavunjika within a month? Doesn’t make business sense.

Prices will readjust to realistic levels within a few months after hype imeisha. N95 tulikuwa tunauziwa 2k pandemic ikianza. Saa hii na 100 utapata. Wasee wanauza PS5 sijui @140k and 11k for DualSense 5 watakalia stock mpaka wachangamke na reality.

:D:D PS3 is still a handful…bado games za ps3 hatujamaliza. Watu wanunue ps5 watuambiange kitambo tuendee ps4.

Zinakuanga fakes ama generics??

Generics,if you tear it down,the motors heads look different,battery is shoddily done,the joystick rubber chips off and its too plasticky

Zishuke bei tuweze kununua

Ni poa ni expensive. By the time zitakuwa cheap sony watakuwa wamefix problems zote.

Unaongea kuhusu ps3 na kuna games mob za ps2 hatujawai cheza:D:D:D

Unaongea kuhusu ps2 na kuna games mob za ps1 hatujawai cheza…