Ps5 business

Will this be viable? Say you inject 300k and looking to breakeven in less than 6 months.

Lets do the math:
A digital PS5 retails at $399 which is about 44k so ikifika Kenya it will probably cost about 50k. So,
50k ×3 = 150k
3 extra pads for each PS5 each @ 6k= 18k
43 inch Samsung tv (35k × 3) = 105k
3 FIFA 21 digital copies @$70 each= 23k
Total costs= 296,000.

Naona tao hucharge 200 bob an hour kucheza.
If each PS5 can be occupied 6 hrs a day (12pm-6pm), that’s 6× 200× 6 days a week × 12 weeks(3 months)× 3PS5s = 259,200.
Profit/loss= -36,800.

Na we haven’t even factored in rent, electricity, security and attendant’s salary.

Uliza 9k salo

Not forgetting buying the actual PS5 games which can average 5k per game per console. Watu watatu wanaeza ingia watake kucheza Fifa21 at the same time or any other game. Pia setup costs like mounting the TVs, buying chairs for the customers, deposit ya rent, and other costs to make the place look good. Then weka licensing ya kanjo na ulipe kra taxes coz ni ngumu kuoperate biz kama hiyo chini ya maji. Hii biz inataka capital ya kama 1.5M kuenda juu na TV zikuwe kama 10 and above in a place where most will be occupied most of the time. Then know that hii biz iko up and down depending on location and things like school holidays and stuff. Inabidi pia uuzie customers soft drinks and snacks to try make more money.

Kuna jamaa aliinvest 2M and lost it all (closed shop) in a span of less than one year. That makes me believe you need more than 6 months to recoup the investment

Enda tu kanunue bonds at least you will be guaranteed 30k profit na yao wanalipanga upfront.

I personally know someone who invested close to 2M, including big time solar backup. He started with an average of 5k per day, you know when he was the new kid on the block. Nowadays he does Kshs. 1000 -Kshs.1500. The business is about a year old.

The Startup Tool

hapo kwa pad weka 9 or 10k for each pad

Wamesema Dualsense ni $80 ama tumeongeza ya repairs? Najua mafala wanashindanga wakivunja hizo vitu.

also, i think you’ll need better tvs. find ones that support 4k because otherwise you’ll be wasting its power as a console.

my advise: hold on for a while, this PS5 inakaa itakua na issues. reading reports of overheating and not being able to expand storage

unless unajua msee atakuuzia less than io 80 $. me nimeona fala anauza hizo pad at 20k bana

:D:D:D kwani zimeundwa na gold? Nyang’au yeye.

Eee izo 43" Samsung ni 4k, lakini storage si issue juu hizo za gaming shop watu tu hucheza FIFA

wakenya ni waschoopid tu:D

fr? ebu pia me nisavie io tv
naona uyu jango akishika ma xbox series x atakua better off. kwanza atasave on games akishika Xbox Game Pass

Wasee hawapendangi Xbox…places zote za gaming ni PS4 ndio inakuwanga na traffic. As for tv niliona Sony wanarecommend Sony X900H but iyo tv si cheap by any standards.

You have to really do your research on this before going all in. Had a close friend who spent just over a mill setting this up…was even there for the opening event. About 8 stations all with 55inch Samsung Leds complete with a hotdog/snack stand and cold drinks. The location was the Uchumi Koinange street building and rent was 60,000kes a month,deposit 180k.
The plan was to get the students from the Universities in proximity and he was there everyday managing the premise. Rates were 200kes per hr open Mon through Sun. The business just couldn’t sustain itself and at just over a year he shut down, sold everything went back to the drawing board and decided to open a barber shop in Westlands. The location ,rent and running expense should be a very big factor to consider.

From the input in this thread, it’s clear that your guy should just look for something else to do. Unless he’ll open his biniz in some location with low running costs, of which najua akihurumiwa sana ataenda a month before akima Johntex wamsanye

Btw is there a minimum limit to this? Regarding purchase amounts

I have a relative alijaribu hii biz thrice kwa mall tatu (he thought 1st time ni location was the problem - akashift. 2nd time akafikiria ni audience shida - shifted and introduced a wider range of games. 3rd time akafikiria maybe he needs a bigger, flashier space - again shifted locations) na each time ilifail. I don’t know what it takes to succeed kwa hii biz, but trying to break even in 6 months itakuwa ngumu sana.

Edit: he did all this in a period of about 2 years. He ended up 750k in debt.

That makes 2 people whom I know have tried and seen ghosts kwa hii biz. Lazima kuna formula but mimi sijui ni gani. But OP can try and see vile kutaenda.