ps4 games needed

where can i get soft copy games and at what price hapa nairobi

cc @snapdragon et al

Go to… they have old games for a low as 2k.

Not ps4. Only ps3 and xbox 360

whats the price guide for ps4 games(soft copy preferably)

The do. Games that are more than a year old. Here…

Tekken ya xbox 360 inaweza patikana CD?

Not sure what you mean by soft copy (since all games are soft copy)… If you mean buying off PS store then they will be a tad cheaper if you have unlimited net since downloads tend to be huge (think +40GB sometimes). In Kenya, I think the best option is buying disks. That said…

Newly released games cost upwards of 5k, triple-A games can can get to +10k for ‘ultimate edition’ or whatever. But if you wait it out and a newer version comes out… you get them dirt cheap… see image above.

by softcopy i mean kama ni WRC, waniweekee kwa hard disk…sitaki disks/DVD’s

Am not aware of any successful crack for the PS4 like there is for PS3. Maybe @nairobilay can assist. Sorry.

I heard that you get perma-banned (both you and the console) from PSN if they detect any tempering with the console. Anyways, good luck.

@TerribleWaste is right. There is no crack for the ps4. You cant do to the ps4 what you are proposing (like its done for for ps3).

What @TerribleWaste was postedbup there are are ps4 online keys that you can buy to download and play games. Still original though.


ok. thanks . i will see what to do

Hii NFS mpya how imefika Kenya and has anyone played it @TerribleWaste @nairobilay can see it has mixed reviews

No idea. Never played it…last NFS i played was Hot Pursuit on ps3. I find the franchise too repetitive.

Imefika… but not interested in it. Rivals was my last NFS game before switching to DriveClub and Assetto Corsa – I play with the controller though, not steering wheel so that means am always sweating.

Accra plaza hapo mat za buru hebeba first floor yote wanadeal na mambo na ps